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No prizes for guessing where I am

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Hey Everyone

Unfortunately I'm back in hospital, after my 111 call on Monday night, feeling relieved that I just had a big of some sort. I stayed in bed all day Tuesday as I still felt sick. Yesterday evening I was sick again and this times I brought up blood and I was very breathless so we called 999. After a 5 hour wait in A&E this "cold" is a chest infections and we believe that the blood was from my coughing so much, but am having a few tests done today, as my BP is sky high again.

V x

31 Replies
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Sending hugs and love X

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I’m sorry to hear about your chest infection. Might be related to that high temperature and cold you had before you were discharged last week. So glad you’re in the hospital getting it looked at. Fingers crossed it’s just a chest infection and nothing else to worry about!

I’ve previously had a chest infection where I was coughing persistently and it led me to bursting the blood vessels in my throat, causing me to bring blood up.

Hopefully some antibiotics will clear it up. Good luck x

jeanjeannie50 profile image

Oh bless you, what a worry. Hope you make a quick recovery. Let us know how you get on please.

Best wishes

Jean x

Hello :-)

I am so sorry you back in there again but they will get you better and you will soon be home :-)

Keep us updated how you are when you can :-) x

Hang in there V your in the right place, as you know I'm being treated for a chest infection but sounds like you've got a really bad one, thoughts are with you sunshine ❤️👍

uzininemm profile image

You are in the best place, really hope you are feeling better really soon.

annpavitt250448 profile image

Sorry to hear you are back in hospital, hopefully they will sort you out

Heyjude31 profile image

So sorry to hear V. Get better soon, you are in the best place. Judi x

Callie456 profile image

Sending best wishes for a smooth recovery and hope you feel better soon xox

Anon2023 profile image

I’m so sorry that you are back in hospital but at least they can help to get you better. Hope you feel better soon. Xxx

fishface101 profile image

sorry to hear you’re back in but your getting help ❤️

Cavalierrubie profile image

Hope you soon recover and send wishes and prayers to you. You are in safe hands and they will soon treat you for any infection. There is such a lot of chest infections going around at the moment. xxx

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Oh noooo. You are being put through the mill, beastly for you xx

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Is the chest infection causing the sickness?

I didn't realise you were coughing as well as feeling sick. I have had pleurisy borderline pneumonia and coughed so badly I popped a rib. This was many years ago and I managed to get home to my mother and every time I dragged myself upstairs to the toilet I was throwing up due to the exertion.

This was a long time prior to my heart problems.

If you are anywhere near as bad as I was I sympathise, luckily I was 'on the turn' so the GP didn't refer me to the hospital.

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Valentina98 in reply to Heather1957

I had what I thought was a cold which came on after I had my stent and I've been coughing so much it's making me sick and I've been having really bad acid reflux. Pneumonia has been mentioned but I'm sure the doctor said chest infection.

cappachina profile image

Sorry to hear but at least you will be looked after and they will get you sorted Am thinking of you

Thatwasunexpected profile image

I hope they're giving you block booking discount, or at least a loyalty card!

On the plus side, it's an infection not heart this time - which must have been going round & round in your head the past couple of days.

Just think how great life will feel when you get past this patch, spring has finally sprung, and you can start building back :)

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Valentina98 in reply to Thatwasunexpected

I think next time they are rolling out the red carpet for me being a VIP repeat visitor 😜

I've had a bit of acid reflux and I had breathlessness and ingestion before my HA the other week. So yes it has been in my head.

V x

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to Valentina98

Honestly, after what you've been through lately, if you stubbed your toe you'd be more than justified in thinking "is it my heart????"

But no, it isn't. Just a touch of pleurisy, diphtheria, dengue fever or whatever. Whoever thought those would make it onto the "good news" list? 🎈🎈🎈

Valentina98 profile image
Valentina98 in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Tbh the stubbed toe would be blamed on my ADHD and dyspraxia. I tell you I'm a walking disaster!!

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Andytheextransporter in reply to Thatwasunexpected


Yumz199725 profile image

Awww valentina you poor thing what ever next so glad you called an ambulance I really hope your not in hospital for long 💔x sending lots of love and hugs.

Hrty profile image

Oi! Stop milking it 😉🙃Seriously though, have you recently kicked a black cat whilst walking under a ladder, stepping on the cracks in the pavement and dropping a mirror?

You have been in the wars, take care and all the best for getting better.

Valentina98 profile image
Valentina98 in reply to Hrty

I think I've definitely walked under a ladder and broke a mirror 🤣

I'm beginning to think I live in this place.

V x

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You really haven't had your troubles to seek recently, have you?

I hope you are on the mend from this latest hospital visit very soon! 🤒

Gumbie_Cat profile image

Complete nightmare! Hope you feel better soon.

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you poor wee girl you’re not having any luck with your health it’s one thing after another just now I really hope you turn the corner and start to recover really soon . I’m sure you’re mum will look after you when you get out again .thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery .remember TAKE YOUR TIME

Norton profile image

get well soon and back to your Mama x

MummaSoap profile image

Hi V

So sorry to hear that you’re back in hospital, must be so worrying for you and your mum! At least they’re being thorough to ensure you get the right treatment 🤗

Well done for listening to your body and resting yesterday, you’ve got this 👍🏻

Keep us posted with how you’re doing, wishing you a speedy recovery from here on in! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Soap x

Digger0 profile image

Missed this post. Hope you are on the mend now, and your mum is ok?

Valentina98 profile image
Valentina98 in reply to Digger0

Still in

Mum's okay

V x

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