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New here, getting life insurance


I recently decided it was about time I got some life insurance (I'm 46).

I didn't realise that my svt and subsequent treatment would mean I can't easily get insured. As far as I was aware it didn't mean I'm at risk of an earlier demise than anyone else but now I'm worried.

My main reason for being on here though is to ask whether insurance is a realistic option or would it be very expensive? Anyone had experience of this?


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Hi Debbie

Unfortunately, your experience is not unique. Getting life insurance with a ‘heart condition’ can be close to impossible and certainly expensive. Whether you think it or not, insurance companies see you as a high risk candidate for an early demise i.e. before the policy expires. Your best bet might be to try going through a specialist broker. Also, the BHF website might give you some heart friendly companies you can try. Good luck with your search. Let us know if you find someone who will take you on - there are others in a similar position who might be interested.


I had no idea it would be a problem. In my new job part of the role is introducing life insurance products so it got me thinking I really should get some. Slightly worrying too as I didn't think my condition could lead to an earlier death, but seems the insurance companies think otherwise.

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Also means I need to check our mortgage policy as we've been paying it for 4 years. Our broker set it up, now I'm wondering if I'm even covered at all.

If you took out the insurance policy before your condition was diagnosed then it is valid (unless you were not truthful in your original application eg you were under investigation but didn’t say so). Unfortunately insurance companies are there to make money not to pay out money and they will look for anything that helps them to avoid paying !

I had ablation 12 years ago and only got the mortgage plus life cover for it 4 years back so think I need to check as I'm sure no questions were asked at the time.

Fingers crossed!

Worrying, I did enquire about income insurance and was immediately refused. I never thought about my mortgage insurance!

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Well the good news is I've had a look through the mortgage stuff. Broker originally quoted 18 odd a month (Only to cover 127,000 decreasing), but it looks like that changed once they'd seen medical records as we actually pay over £30 so guessing that's why although it was never stated on paper. I remember signing to say they could have access to medical records now that I've checked the folder so at least that's covered.

Phew! 😊

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Sounds like your broker has already adjusted for a pre-existing condition, DebbieQN. My mortgage insurance was pre MI so I should be covered. I thought I had life insurance as part of my Unison dues, but I might well be wrong.

My experience with this isn’t a positive one, I’m afraid. Had my first episode of SVT completely out of the blue at 26, now 34, on meds, but only had one other episode requiring hospital treatment, and I still cannot get life insurance. Tried brokers too and no one will touch me. Originally I was told it was because I was awaiting neurological investigations, but after surgery 5 years ago for a congenital defect, that issue was completely resolved. The only issue I have now is the SVT, and I was told last year that’s why I can’t get any cover even though beyond that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with my heart. If you’re going to have any success at all then it’s probably going to be through a broker imo.

Would be very interested to know how you get on and if you do manage to get cover. I’m a single dad to a kid with complex needs, and as it stands there’s nothing available to provide for her should anything happen to me. It’s a huge worry.

Good luck.


I have given up on Life Insurance and I am looking at paying my funeral costs in advance.

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