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Life Insurance


Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm having a nightmare trying to get life insurance . Has anyone else had this experience? Are there any companies out there that do understand ? feeling frustrated!

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Hi Lea30

Can you give a bit more information please? Do you have any medical issues that impact on getting life insurance?

Hi I've got mild LV dysfunction and a small PFO with left shunt. It's crazy, I've had this all my life and it only got picked 2vyears ago by me attending A&E for something else. I run at least 3vtimes a week, I'm fit and healthy. The consultant is so happy with me he told me he was going to put me on 5year follow up

The large companies don't like accepting anyone with a heart condition. There are a few specialist companies out there, try this one;-

Or you could try going to an insurance broker who should be able to find cover

I have the same problem, I have other conditions that make it difficult such as Prostate Cancer, Asthma, Hypertension, T2 Diabetes etc. All of which are quite well controlled. The insurance companies don't like risk, they like fit young people who don't get ill on holidays!

I now go to the EU via the Tunnel, they do insurance that only requires that you are fit to travel. They don't worry about age either, ( I am 77 )

Hi Lea. There’s a pinned post about this topic.

MichaelJHHeart Star

As a lifelong Type I diabetic life insurance has always been a problem. I managed to get it for my first mortgage after a lot of searching. It had options to increase the sum and term but when they were taken over by a large company the options disappeared. So got to the end of 25 years and decided life insurance was not a viable option. Sadly insurance is dominated by a few large companies who like to simplify things; e. g. if someone is on Ramapril and Atorvastatin they have BP and cholesterol issues not that doctors are minimising risk after heart surgery. Insurance companies rate pretty low with me.

Good luck in your search!

I had life assurance through my job but since retiring last August I haven't bothered. I live alone and my sons are in their 40's so don't need to leave money for them to be looked after as I would if they were young. I put a small amount into a savings account each month which would go towards my funeral instead of paying it to an insurance company.

Try pumping marvellous for insurance

All Clear we're very helpful with me, but you need to 'phone them for a decent quote and speak to a real person as online applications to all these companies tend to get "the computer says no" type response.

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to Zac11

Was this for life insurance that the poster is seeking? I believe they only do travel insurance.

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Ah yes, sorry.

Can you let us know how you get on with this? Thanks.

Hi. Insurance is all about risk and the insurance companies are fine with standard lives but are not geared up for anyone who doesn't fit that mold. I used to be an IFA and I would often struggle to find cover for anyone with a heart condition and/or diabetes etc. I would sometimes go direct to the Lloyds market for larger HNW cases but that's not practical for mere mortals. There are a few specialist brokers out there and I suggest using <impaired life assurance> as a search term which will turn up some of them. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I am now retired and have no connection with any firm.

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