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Chloe <3

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Hi Chloe: This isn't the first time I've posted here. I seem to be going in circles and feeling really bad. My son died suddenly five years ago. He was a good person with a lot of problems one being drug addiction as well as mental illness. I've not been able to get any support from my husband (not my son's father) and any other source. Early in my son's life I was divorced and I had to deal with his problems by myself. Now, I'm older and retired from work with so much time on my hands I don't know what to do with myself. I really could use some kind words.

chloe40Administrator in reply to kitty7

Hello Kitty {{{hugs}}}

I'm so pleased you've posted<3

You know Kitty, if you can share some problems, it always helps and that's what we're here for, to support you and give you the strength to face difficult times.

You really have been through an awful lot of anguish, and alone too, and I understand that you feel like you've shouldered so much for far too long.

I really think it would be helpful for you to have Counselling, you have so much to talk about and things need to be said don't they? If you're in the UK you can check online for a Bereavement visitor or a Bereavement Counsellor and of course if you are outside the UK too. If you can't find anyone, please message me privately, I'd be pleased to be there for you Kitty<3

Whatever you decide, we are always here for you, so please keep posting, whenever you wish, we have a very supportive Community here<3

Chloe <3

kitty7 in reply to chloe40

Hi Chloe: Thanks for your message. I'm trying to change doctors and its difficult because of my insurance. Right now I go to a doctor who is not helpful at all and is annoying. It sounds like the UK has more options than where I live (USA). Like everyone else, I have good days and bad days and I always keep on trying to help myself. Thanks again and I'll keep you posted.

chloe40Administrator in reply to kitty7

Hi kitty7

Yes, we are lucky here in the UK it's true, we don't have the problem of insurance unless we want to have private medical treatment but we do have the NHS which is free.

Take care


Hello Chloe,

I suffered a breakup after 16 yrs.(partner cheated-56yr old married woman)I don’t really have a lot of people to talk to about this maybe one friend,I had to move back to former neighborhood,I don’t really like but can’t afford on my own go back to original place.Former partner said she strung me for a yr(feelings),claiming I had nowhere to go.

It’s only been a month,I’m trying move forward...I clearly loved this woman more than she did me,how do I move forward,to start my life get over her?? she told me at breakup,

I love u but not in love with u anymore.

I know I have to grief,..I also feel she isn’t worth the trouble??..Mixed Emotions🤢

chloe40Administrator in reply to tennisgreen

Hello tennisgreen

Really sorry to read your post.

You're clearly deeply upset by the break-up and I can understand why. 16years is a long time in a relationship and you can't just turn your feeling off after all this time.

I've heard that phrase before and it doesn't help.

As you say it is very early days and I hope that you can somehow be kind to yourself, give yourself a period of adjustment, you won't be able to just 'move on', it will take time to process and then you'll be able to move forward in stages. Give yourself small goals, by doing this you'll know when you are ready for the next stage.

In the meantime, please do take good care of yourself.

Chloe <3


So glad I found this forum. Anxiety and bouts of low mood I thought were for other reasons. When I think, the root of how I have been feeling for years, is loosing my Mum suddenly.

chloe40Administrator in reply to Hidden

Hello Hidden

A very warm welcome to you.

I really glad you found us too!

Yes, I think you're absolutely right, the sudden loss of your dear Mum could very well be the reason you feel like that.

You may have blocked out your emotions, tried to 'stay strong' for others or just not had time to digest her loss. Even when we 'come to terms' with our loss, it's always there in our heart and Mums are special aren't they?

We have a really friendly community here and our members are always willing to support others, so post here whenever you wish. Lovely to have you with us.

Chloe <3

Hidden in reply to chloe40

Hi Chloe,

Thank you for your kind welcome.

I think I probably have blocked my emotions on loosing my Mum, and Mums are special. There is a big hole in this family. Mum was a strong character.

Happy to be part of this group.


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