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Introducing myself to each of my communities

Hello everyone,

I'm just getting my feet wet finding my way around HealthUnlocked.

A little bit about myself. I lost my wife almost four years ago. Due to not thinking ahead as we should have, we had no life insurance. That, of course, has been an issue that keeps coming back in my mind as I'm not where I wanted to be right now.

So, because of having no insurance and just after my wife's passing Social Security decided that I was not disabled anymore I had to leave most of my belongings behind and move back to another state to live with my parents until I can at least get things sorted out with Social. Yes, I have a lawyer. This will be my third hearing, whenever that will be that is.

So I have manic depression, anxiety issues plus I have tried the suicide option but failed obviously.

Okay, enough for now. Comment as you will.

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Welcome to this Great forum, I have found it so helpful.

It must be very difficult for you as you have several issues, but try and think positively and use this forum for help.

Good luck for the future


Thank you so much for the welcome. I'd rather be involved in a forum instead of pulling out my hair all day.

As the future happens with each advancing second I'm trying more and more to focus on that.

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And from myself add another welcome. I hope coming here gives you the strength to carry on and that you have a good lawyer. Good luck with what is to come.

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Yes, I hope my lawyer ends up good as well. Your welcome is appreciated.

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Welcome to our Community Hidden so pleased you found us.

I'm so sorry to read of the awful situation you found yourself in and of course for the sad loss of your dear wife. Cases such as yours make me reel it's so dreadful and I do hope your lawyer finds a resolution soon.

You'll find our members very friendly and supportive here Sydney and remember, we are always here.


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Thanks so much for your kind welcome Chloe. I'm sure I'll be at home here with my online family of sorts.


Hello Sydney1701 and a warm welcome to our Commuity.

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dear wife and the significant matters that you are having to deal with on top of your loss.

I do hope your lawyer can resolve matters for you as quickly as possible.

We are always here to support you in any way we can,


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Don't give in to it ,mate.

Life won't always give you a kicking..AsMuch as we think it is..

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