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Hi, I live in South Wales (Newport) and was wondering if there was anyone else living in my area?

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I would like to meet up with some other sufferers regularly on a social basis where we could perhaps have a coffee and a chat, perhaps offering each other support. I've looked on the website but there is no group in my area at all. I know there is a group in Cwmbran but due to being epileptic I can't get to it as I've had to revoke my driving licence at present. Perhaps in the first instance we could just meet up for a coffee in the town centre and see what the other people (if any) would like to do about a regular get together.

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Hi have you asked the society to put you in touch with anyone local? I am sure they could help you with this and also to set up your own local support group if you are interested in doing this.

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Hi, I know three others in Wales with Behcet's. Are you on Facebook? Find me if so or give me a link to find you and I will link you up.

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Hi Kenjay, I haven't asked them yet, I thought I'd ask on here first. Thank you for the information though, take care, Sal x

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Hi Zebra, I will do that later, thank you for that, take care, Sal x

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Do you have a good Behcet's specialist? One of my Welsh friends is struggling due to the Welsh Assembly position on referrals, but we hope to get her sorted. I actually know of 4 others in Wales, I've realised. Do message.

I'm from r.c.t.im under the Heath in Cardiff . They have been brilliant very supportive .only diagnosed in aug.still trying dif meds.and coming to terms with it all.x

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My 18 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Bechets we are based in Cardiff would love to join a local support group

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The Society has been trying to establish a South Wales support group for sometime and we need a co-ordinator to get things going, please email me at infor@behcetsdisease.org.uk and I will endeavour to get something organised. Anyone interested in joining please let me know

Chris Phillips


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Hi, I'm 37 and live in newport. I was diagnosed with behcets a few years ago and would definitely be interested in meeting up with others..

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Im in weston super mare,not real close but not too far suppose!

I was diagnosed with hughes stovin ie Bd in 2005

all best


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