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Is rapid bruising a Behçet's thing?

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Yesterday I was working on the floor, leaned on my hand to get up, felt a pop and almost instantly had a blue bruise on the pad where the fingers meet the palm. This has happened several times before, on other finger joints, and seems to be getting more frequent. Happens on feet too. Not sure whether it's normal 56-ish-ness, Behçet's or what...

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Yes It is for me for sure.

Yes I get this often to when I asked my gp she said it could b raynaurds which is all linked to bechets x


Yes I bruise easlily and get bruises spontaneously! I also have Raynauds but get bruising anywhere on my body.




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Yes it happens to me all the time. I only have to knock myself and a bruise will appear.

Yes I always seem to bruise most when I'm taking prednisone

Oh my yes...look like I've been beaten at times on legs and arms. I do notice it to be much worse during a flare. I've asked for my INR to be checked, and of course it comes back normal. Doc mentioned that steroids can increase bruising. But I'm bad with bruises on or off prednisone. I guess us BD'ers "bruise like a peach", by the responses:-(

Thanks for your replies. The bruises aren't normal, in that they don't go pretty colours after a few days. I just get the popping sensation, then the area immediately goes swollen and blue, but the blue disappears after a day. The place stays puffy and sore for about a week. Does it sound like Raynauds? I know very little about it, but I don't get white fingers first.

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I know what you mean - I don't think they are bruises as such. I get them without hurting myself in any way. It's usually one blood vessel that breaks spontaneously and produces a small pool of blood right under the skin. I noticed that if I press on it the blood starts spreading at that's when the bruise like spot appears. But it's not really a bruise because it never goes through the green and yellow shades during healing. It just goes from deep blue to a black / brownish color before it slowly goes away.

I've tried to explain this toa few doctors but I always get a blank stare in return and a complete lack of interest. Soo frustrating ...


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I had this exact thing happen to my thumb. I freaked out. Turned bright blue/purple and big. Next day- GONE. was very numb in the moments leading up to the "pop." I say BD, not age. Also Raynauds is more so temperature related. This was definitely blood.

When you have BD, your blood vessels are inflamed and fragile. This is why we bruise easily. x

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