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London Support Group

Hello again Everyone,

We've had such a good response so far for our forthcoming Behcet's London Support Group. I just wanted to re post a reminder and also for those who are just joining the forum.

The details are as follows:

Tuesday 2 July 2013 from 3-6pm at The Centre for Psychosynthesis Education Trust

92-94 Tooley Street


020 7403 7814 (office number)

07804 880655 (my mobile)

The centre is a short walk from London Bridge Station. The building is fully accessible and has a lift. Unfortunately, I have checked about the parking and have been told it is pay and display in this area.

Feel free to drop in during these hours as this first group will be more of a" meet and greet" session. We are hoping we can discuss more options and interest on the day. Refreshments will be served.

Feel free to bring a friend, partner or carer on the day.

I would really appreciate if you can email/message me your interest so I can set up accordingly.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing and meeting you!


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Thanks jean

It sounds great but I really don't think I will be able to get there this time, but hope you all have a good meeting and a chin wag of course ;)

It is a good idea putting the details up again as they do disappear off the end of the blogs page so newcomers or even pastcommers may have missed it the first time.

It's a shame that there isn't a place on the forum to put these sorts of messages up and leave them visible...some of us have talked to Healthunlocked in the past but so-far nothing has happened.

So it might be a good idea to re-post it every now and then until the 2nd july, so it doesn't get lost.

Hope you don't mind my saying



No worries Andrea, I know it's not going to be easy for everyone to join us. I think we should/will provide feedback after the meeting for sure.

Take care!



Will there be anything out of working hours as many of us balance work and behcet's? Thanks


Hi there, would love to come to a future meeting (esp if out of working hours) but am away on July 2nd - really hope goes welll and look forward to hearing more! x


Hi there,

Just a quick response to say that initially, when setting up the meeting, we had many requests to have it late afternoon, so people wouldn't have to travel home in the dark (doesn't really apply to July though)

This is the type of question we will address at our first gathering. We will definitely take timing into consideration. We want as many people to be able to attend as possible.

Thanks for the input!



Hello Jean,

I would love to attend the meeting as well, probably I would take my partner as he is directly affected by living with me under this awful disease. I was diagnose more than 10yrs ago, I am a rare case of Behcet's showing symptoms when I was a baby...

Looking forward to meet you all,



Great, Gloria.

I look forward to meeting you and your partner in July.

See you soon.



One of my Facebook support group is planning to come from Kent with her mum. Thanks.


Great! Would you please pass on my details so I can get her details and add her to the list.

Thanks so much for spreading the word.

best wishes!


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