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Can we have some new Polls to vote on please, I find them really interesting

I really like contributing to the poll questions and seeing the results they are really interesting.

Just thinking this poll has been up for a while so thought we could get some suggestions of what would be good for another poll.

I was thinking of Devonshire Dumplings question on devising a Symptoms List and how she could go about collecting data.

A poll on symptoms would be a good way of seeing which symptoms are more active than others.

Anyone else got any thoughts....perhaps Admin could help with this one :)


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id be up for that,, after having a good nosey through, there are so many different symptoms from mine and a few that have made me go ''ah now i know that its just the behcets'!!!!


Great idea - especially the list of symptoms!



Definitely, the symptoms list is of great interest, since joining this group I have realised so many things are Behcets not my imagination.


hi everyone. Not been on forum for a while as i have had really bad flare up, not too bad now, just glad to see things are settling down now. I have recently been invited to a meeting with all consultants who will be working at the new centre of excellence in birmingham.Apparently they want bd sufferers input as to what we want or need from this centre. Hope they have lots of time to listen because as you all know there will be loads of things that we can suggest. Whether or not they will be able to do everything suggested we will have to wait and see.My own consultant is one of the specialists there. I have great respect for him and am sure he will listen to all we have to say.I have just realised i have written this on the wrong part of the forum (fuzzy brain still) but hope you can still all read it. I would also like to welcome the newbies to the forum,it is nice that we can support each other and realise that we are not hypocondriacs or going mad. Hope all of you are coping well with all of your symptoms. I will let you all know how it goes at the meeting,hopefully i may learn something that could help some or all of you. Take care everyone.


That's great..thanks Kenjay

It is good and encouraging to hear what is going on in the background and that they are asking for patients input.

I know at one time it was said that all members of the Behcets Society would be written to regarding the new centres of excellence and wondered if that was still going ahead ?

It would be helpful to have something in writing that we could take to our G.P's or other consultants if we want a referral.

will look forward to hearing back from you with all the news



I've just surfaced from a bad Behcet's week, Kenjay, so supportive thoughts and hugs and stuff coming to you.

I think it's brilliant that you have been asked to contribute to the Brum meeting. Although I live in the South West, if I were to get myself referred to one of the Centres of Excellence, it would be the Brum one for reasons of travel. Tell you what - shall we start a new Centres of Excellence thread? I'll go do it now!


Well, I'd be up for compiling any results - we'd have to ensure it was marked with something along the lines of it being anecdotal and not medically sanctioned or something. I'm not sure of how we should go about this for the best? Perhaps Tigerfeet could give us a steer?


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