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Board Organisation - for input by both Admin and Members

I know from some private messages and some public comments that there are a few organisational suggestions for how the board is laid out. In the first instance I am copying Tiger's comments here - she puts it so more cleanly than I seem to manage!

"It's a shame that there can't be sub forums and private chat areas here, I think that would help enormously. It would also be good to have a document area where people could write an account of things that help them, coping strategies - well all sorts of things really. One thing I think we can do, and I am toying with making this a blog post, is to be more precise with our question headings. Then we can scroll quickly through the forum to see if our questions have been answered already, or if there is something similar that would help. On looking through the blogs and questions I note that there are duplicates - and some blogs have questions in them. If it's been answered already other members might not respond to it a second time. It's a bit of a minefield, especially when you are worried and looking for answers. The more popular and busy the forum gets, the more pages there will be, so perhaps categories would make it easier.

This is not a personal criticism of ANYONE, but simply an example of what I mean - a question headed 'my daughter' or 'help' may not get the best response because there is nothing to suggest what the question is. It would be great if we could have a system whereby things were catagorised and therefore easy to find. e.g. 'SYMPTOMS - sore eyes' or SYMPTOMS, FATIGUE' and 'MEDICATION - methotrexate.' or CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE - referral query.' and so on."

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Now for an observation of my own:

The threads can be confusing, I've missed some replies because the threads aren't laid out in the order the comments are posted. For me at least it would be much easier to follow if it were organised something like most recent posts first.


Hi Di, there is a way of putting suggestions straight through to admin I think it through 'contact us" on the Health Unlocked Page. I've suggested reversing the posts on the messages so the most recent one is to the top. I think the more people who 'contact' admin the more likely something will be done.

I agree with your suggestions above - I know certain things have been discussed but I end up asking the question again because I can't find the original answers.




Hi lesley

If you look to the right on this page you will see the Green feedback tag. If you click on this you can leave a message for healthunlocked who are in charge of running the weebsites.

I have done it before and they are very good at replying

Hope this helps



Now, why didn't I see that! I'll leave it though, just for a day, to see if they pick it up from here. I'm just off to my bed after a long old day doing nothing ;-) Speak soon


If I told you what I did today you would go crook. So much for pacing myself! I'm having an early night too.



Hi ladies,

I've just stumbled upon this message and thought I would give you some input. I am an employee at HealthUnlocked - we are the company that provides this platform for Behcet's Syndrome Society. We are the ones who are able to make changes based on your feedback, not BSS. They can only serve as the messenger to us.

We get feedback from our 45,000+ users every day and take it all into account. I want you to know that in the next few months, a new version of this site is coming out that is going to account for as much of this feedback as we can make work. The changes you are suggesting above cannot be changed quickly or easily, so you'll have to bear with us for the new version!

You can direct your feedback to us using the tab on the right side of the screen. Hope this helps, and thank you for your patience.



Thank you Lora!


I'll post this here for now, as I am assuming Lora will refer to this when considering changes - lots of individual messages may not be put together amongst the thousands received.

. Option to use italic, or bold, a few basic editing tools to emphasise, highlight, quote etc.


And another, prompted by Mermaid's post incorporating a link to a site about dry eyes in another thread - -an area/document for links to other sites that people have found useful, with the pre-cursor that they are not endorsed by the Society, unless they are of course! They'd have to be categorised I guess, but I think all suggestions here are welcome and can be sorted/fine tuned when we find out what is actually possible.


I was thinking all the above too!

'Unread messages since last visit' and markers for 'threads you have posted in' are huge time-savers. This HealthUnlocked format only lists a few recent threads up front, which is good for keeping up to date, but not good for information.

Is the font too big for listing?

Health boards normally have a current research and discussion category listed right up front, as Tigerfeet says.

Unless I'm being dense I haven't found 'edit post', otherwise there will be subsequent corrections in the thread, cumbersome.

Hopefully the format will involve into categories like boards with more traffic, as Tigerfeet says, because speed and minimum clicking is most important. As the community evolves, hopefully posters will start to put search keywords in their titles - I've seen this happen :)


A section for news/updates/information - like this

which has just been posted in questions, because there isn't anywhere else for it.


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