London Support Group Confirmed

Hello everyone!

I am so pleased that we have finally booked the venue for our first official London Support Group in July.

Location: Pyschosynthesis Education Trust, 92-94 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TH

020 7 403 7814

Date: Tuesday July 2013

Time: 3-6 pm

Room: B1

As this is our first meeting, it will be more of a meet and greet session. We would like to find out what you want from the support group.

It will be a drop in, so feel free to stop by anytime during the time.

Obviously, it's still a while away, but it would be helpful if you can confirm to either me or to the Society

Thanks so much and I am looking forward to seeing/meeting you all!

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  • Would you like me to post this on the various Facebook group pages?

  • Absolutely. This is our first meeting and members and non members are welcome.


  • Done :)

  • Thanks Jean

    you seemed to have missed what actual date in July 2013...can you let us know please



  • So sorry everyone! A member has kindly let me know that I actually forgot to put the date down for the support group. How embarrassing! It will be 2nd of July 2013. So sorry.

    Hope that many of you can make it!


  • no problem Jean

    Hope it's not catching :D

  • I certainly hope not!

  • Hello Jean,

    We met recently at the Clinic in the coffee room.

    My PA Nicki was with me and I spoke with you about

    policy etc...

    I look forward to attending the meeting on 2nd July.


  • Of course I remember you...and Nicki. I actually sent you an email the following day but was unsure if I had written it down correctly. Perhaps you can message me and leave again please.

    I am so pleased you will be attending. It will be an informal drop in for the first session. We want to find out how you/patients want it to run.

    Hope you are well Jen. Take care,


  • Hello Jean,

    My email addresses is:

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Thanks Jennifer, I wasn't sure if it was _ or -

    Got it now.

    best wishes,


  • Hello

    I would like to confirm I wish to attend I was fully diagnosed with behcets about 3 months ago after 5 years of MCTD, my rheumatologist has recently sent a referral for me to attend the centre of excellence in London, is it okay for me still to attend this meeting before I've been seen at the COE ?? Can I bring my partner with me? I am struggling quite a bit a present with multitude of issues and would be great to meet you and other suffers

    My name is Sacha Williams any other information you require ?

    Many thanks

  • Of course Sachamw! I look forward to meeting you, and your partner, at which ever comes first, the support group or the clinic appointment.

    Perhaps you can just message me with your email address and clinic appointment so I know when to look out for you.

    Take care!


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