Hi I live in Washington and have behcet's

I have had symptoms since birth and now for 58 yrs this is very advanced I get vertigo strange eye burning that DRS and specialist say there is no reason for this pain today am having groin vein pain apply pressure it eases it but does not go away along with abdomen pain and some breathing distress. I will monitor and go into ER if neaded I try to avoid those places as ER does no good in past for my symptoms I always end up going to reg DR who just this year has been very helpful with treatments he works well with my natural DR Is there any one elsee in Washington who has this most all I read about is out of country

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  • It is such a rare disease, where in Washington do you live, Washington State right????

  • I live in Washington state, and I have had Behcet's for 13 years.

  • Where in WA do you live?

  • In Arlington where do you live?

  • I live in Bellingham.

  • what city do you live in how long ha the behcet's been present in your body

  • going to most drs and especially the er is usually not good because behcets is so complicated that throw their hands up. I dont know anything but breathing problems i would go to the er and not even mention behcets. that sounds serious. the groin area pain i have not heard of but i am just a person but if it is a vein is it blood flow related and not related to behcets. i am in alabama with insurance so it is easier to get somebody do scan with something my groin area and get me at least a chest xray and the eye thing, we have a eye foundation hospital here where that is all they do. do they have a eye hospital in your area. I dont sound real positive and i am sorry and keep going to the dr sucks but that is what i would do if it were me and i am on here cause my 23 year old sick since 12 and if he had any of what you are talking about he would be at the er and the eye foundation. good luck god bless

  • This is a vascular disorder so periodicaly I get different vein pains but is all seems to go away with heat and cold packs and aspirin its trial and error though my hands and feet bother me this week best wishes to all who suffer from this

  • Oh wow I am in the Marysville Arlington area not far from you at all I believe my mom had this disorder also but was never diagnosed she passed away from heart kidney failure in 08 I am native American german my family originated in pensylvania later coming to new York then Wisconsin where do you originate from wondering if it is our heritage? I am brothertown Mohegan narragansent native American our tribe is not regocgnized again yet (long storie) of ansestors losing land in the early 1900's any chance you are of this tribe or originating from theses areas?

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