Happy New Year

Hi all

Just would like to wish my fellow BD sufferers a very Healthy and Happy New Year. I will be staying in as the Christmas Period has completely wiped me out and am soooooo tired and achy. I expect I will be in bed by 9pm. Anyway for those on here and around the world, lets hope for a peaceful and properous 2013.

Love to all



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  • Couldn't have put it better myself! Will be with you in spirit and in bed early. Mwah xxxx

  • Thanks Angela

    I managed to get away to Baldock in my motorhome in the end.....staying at home was more stressful as christmas day ended up with my mothers 80 year old partner crashing into the lampost outside our house and he won't accept he is not safe to drive anymore. Was insisting he was still going to drive to his sons over 100 miles away !!!

    I flipped a lid and was accused by my mum of spoiling christmas day...even though I had cancelled visiting my son and cooked christmas dinner at my home, because they were both ill.

    So I am very worn out but happy to be here and out of the firing line.....also will be going to bed early :(

    Happy New Year everyone

    Andrea xx

  • Oh Andrea, poor you! Christmas has that effect on people. Families are funny ole things. Well hope you have a restful New Year and enjoy the peace and quiet!




  • Hi Andrea

    Happy New Year may it be a brighter one ,,chill relax open a good book and loose yourself in it .Camie x

  • Happy New Year to you all, I am staying in bed all day so that I make it out tonight. we bought the tickets before I became ill and I am determined to go and eat my six course dinner. And I wonder why I get bigger???

    I will take one for the BD team and I will toast you all at midnight and to HELL with the consequences....so expect a pitiful pain related post tomorrow

    Jill xx

    ps Sorry Andrea its very difficult coping with the parents when they insist on continuing to drive. I think they are trying to get revenge for all those years we completely ignored their advice, lol (Well it seems like that to me)

  • Hello friends;

    The European side of Turkey, Behçet 's Disease of mind best wishes for my friends and their families celebrate the new year. New year to all my friends, health, I wish to bring health and happiness.

    Happy New Year,

  • And to you and yours Sunset I wish the healthiest and happiest new year

  • Happy New Year to you all, as well.

    I raised a glass at midnight to all those I love and all those battling Mr B.

    So sorry to hear Andrea's tale of a difficult Christmas. I only live 6 miles from Baldock, you could have escaped here had I known! Mike and I had a lovely quiet Christmas, but a raucous Boxing Day with his grandchildren. It was lovely, but good to get away from the

    excited children that evening.

    We spent the New Year celebrations apart, but that will be the last time, because the brave man is marrying me on 4th May!!!!!!

  • Now THAT is something to look forward to! Happy new year to you my darling xx

  • Two OAPs deciding to get married!!! I would never had thought it, but as they say, 'never say never'. I think he is wonderful to take on such second rate goods as me. He has been very supportive in my care. I just cannot believe my luck.

  • I just told my OH your news. His response was a wry smile and, "its bound to bring on a flare," there speaks a fully paid up member of the BD supporters club.

    We are both sending OAP supportive love xxxxxxx

  • I am hoping your OH will be proved wrong. There are not too many brides who have to take into account their infusion dates before setting the date!!!

    Bless you both xxx

  • Sounds wonderful and thanks for the offer. We managed to see my mother in law yesterday in her carehome near Baldock...she has dementia but still managed to give us wonderful smile and remembered her sons name [my husbands]. It made up for all the christmas problems at home.

    Congratulations to you both for the 4th May and a happy new year xx

  • Thank you Andrea x

  • Happy New Year Angela!! And everyone else as well !! xo

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