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hi all,

hope you all had a Christmas and New Year to remember for all the right reasons!!

2012 was a hard year and at the end it got poor mother who is 85 and has had three primary beast tumors is now suffering with heart failure..

My brother rang me from Dublin to say that we should visit and soon, so I piled three offspring into my nearly dead Nissan Micra and we headed off at 7 am yesterday. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but I can not drive in the dark any more ,so Roisin my daughter, drove the first half of the journey as she can not drive on motor ways yet. Had to make sure we left before dark so that I could do the motor way journey before my eyes fail was a long long day and I am still in bed today but hey ho such is life, it was worth the effort..

New meds now this is my second week and feeling sick and hair coming out what a great way to start 2013...will just have to persevere and see what the future hold..

I can not say how much finding this site has meant to me, the support from total strangers is just inspiring thank you all so much. May you all have a year that is full of love and hope. xx

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Oh Ruth, what a shit way to start the year, my hugs and love to you at this horrible and tough time.

I think most of us, if not all of us, feel the same way about this site, it really is a lifeline, a link to ordinary, funny, caring people who just happen to understand our fears and worries.

I wish you all you would wish for yourself in 2013 and I wish you the strength you need to survive the current situation xxxx


Thank you Devonshiredumpling, I just love that name!!

You are right I am sure this site is a life line and you in particular seem to know just what to say so thank you again.

All the very best to you and your family for the coming year. xx



I am sending lots of virtual hugs and prayers to you and your family. It's hard enough dealing with BD, let alone worrying about loved ones. Keep strong and remember we are all here for you.






hope that you paused to feel pride in yourself and your kids for making that trip happen?? Because TEAM Ruth deserve a good pat on the back for planning and completing a challenging trip.

I have dear friends who a re hale and hearty and won't drive further than 6 miles out of the locality because it makes them nervous.

I'm sorry about your mum but as you say it was worth the effort.....jolly well done!!

You deserve a well earnt feet up now and recoup your energies. Love Jill x


Hello, Ruth;

You should not be so pessimistic than the first days of the new year at the beginning of the year. Children need to feel more powerful than himself for.

Whether you happiness in your life;


Hi Ruth

Got a little misty reading about your trip. Sounds like a trip of mine last year - my 76 year old mum and I went to a funeral last year and had to keep taking turns every 15 minutes because my foot kept going numb! (Fortunately it was only an hour and a half away).

The way you described it though is the sort of dertermination found here - just getting on with things. I find necessity is the mother of invention.

I wonder if the other groups are the same?

Love to all



Hello Ruth,

My thoughts are with you.

This is almost the date my darling mother died last year.

There are times when we have to forget our predicaments and let more important matters take precedent.

Be strong. Your family needs you to be, but take care of yourself too. You are no good to them if you crumple up too much.

Best wishes, Suzanne x


My dad died in January last year too and to my horror I find I can't remember the exact date; it was all such a blur and I didn't manage to get there in time. I just know it was 20 something.

Let me tell you about my January: Jan 10 1978 decree absolute; Jan 10 1985 my much loved nan died; Jan 14 1996 my mum died aged just 64; Jan 2? 2012 my dad died.

I don't much like January :-[ although there is something to be said for getting all the crap out of the way within a two-three week period I suppose! :P


Hi Ruth Hun,

My father in law died suddenly last xmas eve (2011) and the funeral was new years eve (our wedding anniversary). We were very close even though he was my husbands dad.This year was the first anniversary and I can't say we enjoyed xmas much at all. It's a pig of a time of year but sods law says it happens all too frequently at this time. I just know your Mum really appreciates the extra effort you needed to make to get to see her. God bless her and you hun.....she will really understand what it took for you to travel to see her and I just know you think it was all worth it in the end. Take care eyes are watering and I'm getting a bit choked up for you now so I'll stop rambling before I completely lose the plot ! Thinking of you, really special Big hugs xx


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