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Rheumatologist in New York


Hi! Can anyone in New York recommend a rheumatologist who is good with Behcets? The only doctor at the NYU Center who is still accepting patients is Dr. Nowatsky, and he won’t accept my referral letter from my doctor because he didn’t word the letter properly (my doctor wrote “thank you for seeing my patient” as opposed to “I would like to refer my patient to you”. I swear to God, his assistant told me that it had to be worded in such a way. He only sees patients on Mondays anyway, and I think I want someone more available. I have a rheumatologist but her knowledge about Bechet’s is so limited and she doesn’t seem very motivated to learn more. At this point, after all of my reading, I think I know more about the disease than she does! There is a rheumatologist at Columbia who specializes in vasculitis, I was thinking he might be good. Any suggestions? I live in Westchester County and of course will travel to Manhattan....Thank you in advance!

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Sorry I didn’t see this earlier! But glad you got the info from the other thread :)

chrissymeg in reply to Ace0320

Thank you!

Im sure you saw it- but Dr Patricia Taitt in Fishkill NY diagnosed me off of verbal symptoms! SHE IS SO NICE- and wonderful with same day visits- well at least when I saw her in Baltmore- not sure how her clinic hours are now.

chrissymeg in reply to rooser1

Wow! With mine it was like pulling teeth!

rooser1 in reply to chrissymeg

It was seriously such a relief when I saw her, after 18 drs and a ton of "ive never seen anything like this," or " a healthy young lady like yourself-doubtful" she was like- guess what babe- i think its behcets. started me on meds right away. she is just so nice. here i am 5 years later, weaning off colcrys, im doing good- and a lot of it was to her solid diagnosis. I hope you see her- tell her her baltimore behcets girl is sending people her way LOL

chrissymeg in reply to rooser1

I will!!!

Hey, if you don’t mind, what symptoms do you have?

chrissymeg in reply to Roc1479

Oh and posterior vitreous detachment

I’ve had oral and genital lesions and herpatiformis on my thighs for the past 25 years. My GP told me years ago that it was from celiac disease. I got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 4 years ago and got a rheumatologist but never told her about my lesions cause I thought it was food intolerance related. This past summer I started to have symptoms related more to small vessel vasculitis.... flank pain, those dark areas on my calves, nose bleeds, and then bilateral eustacian tube dysfunction. Then I put everything together and my rheumatologist fought me on the diagnosis, saying it didn’t affect people with Northern European backgrounds. She has since diagnosed me, but I just want to go to someone with a lot more knowledge than her! I have my symptoms under much better control with a very low carb diet.

Your specialist is uninformed. I'm originally from the UK and the British clinics are full of people who have Behchet's

I don't have a suggestion, but I did travel from TN to see Dr. Nowatsky and I wasn't impressed, although he's supposed to be THE one. He told me he didn't even think I had Behcet's. My own rheum who is the head of rheumatology at Vanderbilt University Hospital, when I told him that, said "He's an idiot".

chrissymeg in reply to Janieg510

Hahaha! Oh my God I love it! You made me feel so much better about not being able to get in to see him! Thank you for sharing....

Moopy in reply to chrissymeg

I live in California and tried to get in to see Dr. Nowatsky too. I sent him my medical history and referral from my Stanford doctor who diagnosed me with Behcet's. His assistant said that a referral didn't satisfy his requirements -- he wanted my doctor to send him a letter asking him to "consult" with him. WTF???? Glad to hear he's no good. Still looking for an expert in the San Francisco Bay Area if anyone has any leads. Thanks.

chrissymeg in reply to Moopy

A little crazy right?

Just don't see Dr. Stein ( in Novato). He's useless!

University of Pennsylvania. Peter Merkel. Head of rheum. My rheum is in willow grove pennsylvania. Dr Elana Eisner. She is phenomenal. She emails with my NYU rheum Dr yazici constantly. All infusions done in her office as well

I can’t get into see dr Nowatsky or Yazici. Any other suggestions of doctors to see in nyc? I’m desperate

Dr. Robert Spiera in Manhattan he’s


I called his office earlier, he unfortunately doesn’t take insurance. I’m seeing another dr in that office. I’ve been told by my current rheumatologist i don’t meet criteria for Behcet’s...I have terrible constant, huge and many ulcers at all times and my doctor can’t figure out how to treat them so I need to get another opinion.

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