New Year Ulcer!!!

Happy New Year to the lovely huge ulcer that has come up in the back of my mouth. I rarely get big ones and this one has decided to make an appearance as if to say - Don't think you get away with an ulcer free New Year!!! I could swear but am too polite. Oh and the aches have began big time. Happy frigging New Year!!!!

Hope everyone else has had a peaceful start to the year!


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  • Oh Angela I'm really sorry for you, I hope you've got some difflam handy.

    I'm back at work again tomorrow so was thinking about you anyway, but it's pay day so I am kind of excited at the prospect of having money for the first time in 10 months but also thinking "C**p here we go, prepare for pain and knackeredom"

    Knackeredom is a new word I've created soley to refer to Behcet tiredness, I guess I will see you there this week in our exclusive virtual kingodom....keep your chin up girl!

    Happy flamin New Year Jill xx

  • Hi Jill

    Love that new work Knackeredom. It suits BD perfectly. I am back at work today and am shattered already. I cannot wait for the weekend. I have my monthly blood test tomorrow so will ask GP about Difflam. I rarely suffer with huge ulcer problems so dont have anything to use. My ulcers are usually small and go fairly quickly.

    Anyway hope works goes ok and you dont suffer too much.




  • Bless you. Are flippin great way to start the New Year x Hope you had a restful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

    I have gone down with yet another cold. Damn Azathioprine wipes my immune system out so I seem to catch every cold going. It does control my BD though so a cold is nothing in comparrison.

    C x x

  • Hope you feel better soon hun xx

  • Sorry Angela I think Difflam is the brand eyes have de-gunged and oepned properly now...its BENZYDAMINE 0.15% ORAL for me.

    The colchicine dries up my mouth ulcers much quicker now so so I dont seem to use so much.

    Love Jill xx

  • Thanks Jill. I cannot have Colchicine because it affects my liver and take Methotrexate but spray sounds good, will ask Dr about it.

    Many thanks



  • Happy new year my lovelies. Ulcer free, pain free - YAY -but knackerdom has struck and I've slept the clock round twice. I feel like the dormouse from Alice!


  • Those ? Were hearts when I sent them!

  • Hello Everyone,

    KNACKERDOM is now in my vocabulary. Feeling knackered myself today, but had a good laugh - with you, not at you!!


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