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Went back to hospital yesterday

Following advice from you guys, I contacted my hospitals helpline and explained my situation of symptoms coming back in force.

The nurse I spoke to e-mailed the my consultant and then the consultant arranged an appointment for me the following Tuesday(Yesterday).

My appointment went really well and the consultant said that she thought a virus might well have kicked things off and caused a nasty flare. You guys were right, thanks guys.

She arranged blood tests and a steroid injection to boost my body back into remission. Prescribed a steroid nasal spray to spray directly to mouth ulcers and I am then the start taking Azathiporine along side Colchicine in 2 weeks time, once my consultant has written to my G.P. The plan is to review things in 3 months or sooner if the meds regime doesn't work. Fingers crossed with that amount of drugs I will go back into remission and be symptom free.

The odd ulcer or migraine I can cope with but a mouth full of ulcers and headaches so bad it hurts to pick head up off of the pillow just isn't funny.

I am so glad I had you guys there for advice, thank you, thank you, thank you. x x x

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S'good 'ere innit?

cg I am so glad you're feeling more positive and less pained. Keep us informed eh?


Oh that's really good news that we could all help here and that your Consultant/nurse are so responsive to your needs. It gives us all hope to know these types of doctors are still out there.

Hope you continue to improve and go back into remission soon

keep in touch



It's always good to hear positive news, So glad to hear it,


That is good news, I am pleased for you. I'm on almost the exact same medication.


I am so pleased you have found a good doctor who is concerned enough to listen and start your treatment. Good luck, I hope the medication works for you.


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