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Is this behcets

I was admitted to hospital Thursday as I have really aggressive genital ulcers and was given antibiotics through a drip until Saturday then I had to take them orally. I have today been to see. Dermatologist and have had 2 ulcer biopsies which were very painful and uncomfortable.And have now been put on steroids which I have to take 6in a morning along with my antibiotics and pain killebehcets they still haven't diagnosed me? What could it be...

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Wait for your consultant and results of biopsies then you will have a better idea of what you have.


Even though we know how scary this can be we really can't help :-( Behcets shares symptoms with a whole raft of other diseases and can only be diagnosed by a medical expert in the subject - even GPs will only make a suggestion of 'possible' Behcet's, sending you to see a specialist for a 'proper' diagnosis. And, of course, there is far more to Behcet's disease than ulcers - in fact I have never had a problem with genital ulcers although I was diagnosed with Behcet's around six years ago.

Frustrating as it must be, you will really have to do as Jazzy suggests and just wait on those results.

Wish you well in the meantime :-)


I agree with the above statements...I too have had the 'possible' behcets...I know it has something to do with your blood markers, being within certain parametres.

Altho I have had mouth ulcers for as long as I remember, and skin rashes pop up now and again when Im stressed out.. genital ulcers are horrendous.. and I could go on with symptoms...

The is it..isnt it...part is very frustrating, and tbh I was diagnosed within a few short weeks..some of the unlucky people on here have had symptoms for years and not been diagnosed...

Good luck and keep well xxx


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