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Birth Control and Behcets

I just wanted to share this with the ladies of the group.

As I am newly diagnosed I have been devoting a lot of my time to reading and researching everything I can get my hands on. After reading that there is a correlation between the Pill and inflammation as well as auto-immune disorders, I stopped taking mine.

Within a few days my ulcers began to clear. I had one that was about the size of a quarter (!) on the back of my throat that I was beginning to think was going to be permanent. It had been eight weeks since I first noticed it and the Colchicine was doing nothing to take it away. After a week of not taking the pill it is GONE!! I had a moment last night of pain-free eating, which is very rare for me as the main sight of my ulcers is my mouth. Pain free eating ~ JOY!!

I have also been following an anti-inflammatory diet and taking vitamins and herbal supplements so this may also have contributed to my recovery. But I just thought I would share this small victory in case it could benefit anyone else in our little group.

:) Kat

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that's terrific I'm really pleased for you.

I was sterilised so birth control isn't an issue for me but I am sure that it is for many ladies on here, and it really doesn't surprise me that there is a correlation between behcets and the pill.

It makes me wonder what else could and would impact on the disease also?

Anyway enjoy eating, it is really miserable when your mouth hurts so much.

Love Jill


wow, good for you, I can only imagine what you guys must go through in terms of pain as I witness my wife go through this daily...

Could you share with us your research (or where you found the articles) because it seems my wife also has a correlation to the time she first started the pill and the mouth ulcers beginning.

we did share this with Prof Moots (Liverpool Rheumatologist) so i think it would help if we approached him with evidence to support our suspicion.


If you Google the pill and auto immune disorders or the pill and inflammation you will find tons of information. I just read last night that many women don't even know they have an auto immune disease until they start taking the pill. This is exactly what happened to me. I started the pill to regulate my periods and noticed that the mouth ulcers I already suffered from got worse. My Doctor then gave me a higher dose pill and all hell broke loose in my body. Within days of not taking it everything settled. If you need proof ~ I'm it! :)

Obviously medical care is super important but Doctors don't take certain things into account ~ do LOTS of your own research and keep trying everything until you figure it out what works for your wife ... it's different for every single person. It's like a grab bag of symptoms, you never know what you're going to get or what's going to work to make things better so you just have to keep experimenting. It's not a fun process but i have made great improvements in just a few weeks.

Good luck. And take care of that lady!! :)



'grab bag of symptoms' Oh, Kat, I do like that phrase - it is so apt isn't it? I think you will find that one nicked my friend xxx


wow Kat...its been my wife just confessed to me that she had mnissed the pill yesterday, so when I told her your findings, she decided not to take todays pill.... She is a loud chatter-box that I havent seen for months...

Disclaimer: my wifes changes could be due to all the love and care I am giving her, do not attempt this at home ad expect the same results, or assume you can sue me as i am literrally worth £300 at the moment (rent pending)...lollol...I'll keep track and we'll see if this helps,

Could also just be tuesday's steroids kicking


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