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Bad Petechiae rash after Endoscopy

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Had a traumatising experience with an Endoscopy 2 days ago..Immediately after the procedure (that I just about made it through) My face swelled, particularly under eyes, my skin was scarlet & prominent rash.

My throat also became swollen (I just had the Throat Spray, no Sedation) & I now have ulcerated toncills.

I've since found out this is a Petechiae rash on my face/neck/chest.

I spent all day yesterday back in hospital testing for an allergic reaction to the Throat Spray, however they lost my inflammatory bloods!! & don't seem to know what is going on with me? (My usual typical hospital experience)

Had further bloods taken again after 6hrs prior to the 'lost' bloods! & awaiting results?

I was wondering if these reactions are exaggerated due to my Behçets/ vascular response?

Or if these responses have happened to anyone else?

(I'm still traumatised by the whole experience & feeling very sorry for myself)

2 Replies
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Ugh, endoscopies can be brutal. Behcet's has so many overlapping features with other diseases it can be difficult. I can say that I have similar rashes on my arms and legs and no one has been able to figure it out over 3 three years. When I walk, the sores burst open in my legs and bleed all over. Did you have to come off any of your treatment for the endoscopy? For example my last Endo/colonoscopy was done on prednisone and now is rendered irrelevant so I need to do it all over again off of all meds that could hide a disease. Always take pictures of your symptoms, I have found that to be very key in my treatment. If you were indeed off your meds, you could be in a flare just from lack of meds and the stress of the procedure. I have to go to the hospital once a week for a direct bladder treatment via catheter and I always show up with a flare. It is something I need, but it is not fun in anyway! Just a few thoughts. Also, did they take biopsy? I rush to the derma office for biopsies, especially if in a new area.

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Flora_Fauna in reply to 012703060610

Hi :) thank you for your reply, I'm feeling a little less swollen & patetechi rash not as aggressive (Thankgoodness ) however I still have ulcers on my tonsills & now a few popped up on side of tongue (Behçets saying a hi no doubt :s ) Your leg rashes sound particularly painful! :( has the Behçets clinic had a look at those for you? It definitely sounds like an autoinflamatory response hey...

I did come off medication, I only take Colchicine (my bestie) & Vitamin D3.

I took my Colchicine dose later in the evening after the dreaded procedure this definitely helped I think prevent a full on flare. I'm still suffering with extreme stress from the Endoscopy, so I'm hoping my Colchicine is helping to dampen down any further flare as a result.

I don't envy you having to have so many invasive procedures , you sound incredibly brave :)

They didn't take a biopsy as the procedure was stopped before doing so due to my uncontrollable reactions.

I'm going to be further tested via Barium Swallow next week :(

They did manage to detect a sliding Hatial Hernia & Gastris (ulcer maybe causing? but they couldn't investigate further down)

I hope all goes well with bladder procedure & flare up stays as minimal as possible for you :)

Thank you for your incites & thoughts..


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