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behcets syndrome and treatments

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hi i have been diagnosed with Behcets syndrome for around 3 years , recently i have had to give up work after 28 years it has just become so difficult to live with my condition . I had been on different drugs but most recently i was taking weekly methotrexate injections and 6 weekly infusion at hospital off Remicade while having my bloods tested every two weeks .Around eight weeks ago i was taken off all medication after irregular blood results with my liver funtion .Has anyone had any side effects while using any off these drugs ? Also has any other sufferer had any success in applying for P.I.P ?

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I to was diagnosed with Bechets and was taking meds regular but I to had problems with my liver function it made me quite poorly my liver enzymes where highly elevated was told yesterday that I need to be referred to Barts hospital London as I require specialist treatment Barts is one of there Bechets centre of excellence like you Doint know if I will get pip as I to had to give up work x

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thanks for your reply , good luck at Barts hospital .

Hi, have you tried low dose naltrexone? It's doing good things for me, and has fewer side effects than the other alternatives...

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thank you for the reply , i have not tried that naltrexone , i will mention it to my specialist doctor at next appointment .


I developed drug-induced hepatitis from Remicade and had to stop all medications while my liver recovered.

My liver is back to normal and I have not had further problems even though I am back on a mix of medications.

Best wishes

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Thank you for your reply , hope everything is kept under control for you .

Hi hun sorry to hear about ýou getting all this bad news, I have had behcet's for about 13 years now and been on this that and the other for years, I am partly sighted now and cud loose my eye sight, plus I have fibro and suffer with bad depresson plus a few other illnesses, I have been on dla for years then out the blue they took it of me so help from a friend and c.a.b took nearly a year but won my case had to go court 2mins it took em to say I won and will now be getting pip a review in couple of years though, good look with everything hun x

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Thanks for your reply sorry for my delay in getting back to you glad you won your appeal and hope things improve

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Hi cupples929, This website has some very useful info about applying for PIP: We have heard of some success stories, but not good stories about the whole process. Good luck.

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Thank you for the reply and the information hope you keep well

Hi I was wondering how the medication has worked out now for you. I was on methotrexate and it caused my liver function level to go up far too high, I was taken off it and all drugs for 6 weeks . I was put back on methotrexate at a very small dose and after 2 weeks my liver function was even higher than the first time and I now have inflammation in my pancreas.

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When I was taken off the methotrexate I was never put back on it . I am taking Mycophenolate Mofetil 500mg x 2 daily and a six weekly infusion off Remicade , seems to agree with me and , fingers crossed , its keeping ulcerations at bay .

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