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Behçet’s vs Pyoderma Ulcers


Hi, some time ago I read an article about the difference between ulcers relating Behçet’s and pyoderma gangrenosum ulcers. I may be wrong but I thought it was in an old copy of one of the Behçet’s society’s newsletters. Also, I have at the back of my mind that the article said that you could tell the difference because the base of one also was yellow and the other purple. It’s only curiosity on my part but I have a painful yellow based ulcer on my temple, but at other times have had ulcers with a purple base. I Googled it but couldn’t find anything. Thanks Lesley

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I'm sorry I can't answer your question as most of my ulcers are in my nose or vaginal area since I started my medication. That and my throat. Whenever I have gotten blisters on my skin they were always a purple color.

Maybe you are thinking of this fact sheet?

Thanks very much. It’s very close to what I was thinking of. Cheers Lesley

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