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Early menopause related to Behçet’s?

Did anybody go into early menopause because of their Behçet’s? I’m waiting for my rheumatologist appointment to confirm my Behçet’s diagnosis but wanted to see if anyone has experienced some effect on hormones.

I’m 46 and had an IUD for 5 years so I didn’t menstruate because of the IUD which released progesterone. My IUD got stuck and my doctor couldn’t get it out so I had to have surgery to remove it. So before considering getting a new IUD put in I asked my doctor to check my hormones in case I don’t need a new IUD. And I found out I’m post menopausal and I never had any symptoms like hot flashes.

Did anyone go through an early menopause or wacky hormone levels? I’m wondering if my hormones are going to fluctuate and I don’t want to get pregnant if I’m not truly post menopausal.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes I also went into early menopause at the age of 43.

I didn't really suffer that much from hot flushes in the day....occasionally night sweats.





Lack of periods was one of the reasons I first went to see my GP, I was 40. I had other symptoms like joint pain, ulcers, lip blisters. Blood tests confirmed I had gone through menopause and all symptoms were put down to being menopausal. It took another 6/7years to get Behcets diagnosis. So to me it seems like a link somewhere.


I’m 47, have an IUD and always had heavy periods and headaches/nausea due to hormone changes, and I passed out from the pill and Nuvaring. That said, I just had my hormones checked, thinking I was perimenopausal, and instead, I had way too much estrogen. Weird. But my body with Behcets is always weird! I’m hoping my BD will die down after menopause. Good luck to you!


Thanks everyone for your comments, I really appreciate that.


Hi Colleen6082, we have some info on Behcet's and the menopause. Please email and we can get it to you: info@behcetsdisease.org.uk Good luck with your appointment.

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Hi. I have always had problems with my periods after my 3rd child at the age of 31 my periods stopped happening every month probably every other then my 4th child at 35 after that my periods stopped completely for 3 years then at the age of 38 I had a bleed for a week. This was checked out and nothing sinister was found. I had another short bleed at 42 same thing again checked nothing found. Then nothing since that was nearly 14 years ago. I did suffer a few hot flushes but I ate properly and it passed. I am sure it was connected with my BD. Hope this helps all the best xx. PS. My BD symptoms have definitely settled down since going through the menopause.


Hi Colleen, yes, I went in to an early menopause at 42, and then I got very poorly and ended up with clots in my lungs...things went really bad after I started the menopause, but I’m now quite stable with the symptoms xx


Thank you for the additional comments. I really appreciate that.


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