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Flu Jab


What does everyone think about having a flu jab. If I take any sort of medicine it causes me problems so I am worried about having this and what effect it might have.

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Please see this authoritative advice regarding the flu jab promulgated by the NHS England Behçet’s Syndrome Centres of Excellence: (linked via our COVID-19 update)

behcets.nhs.uk/wp-content/u... updated 25/08/2020

Basically the message is, unless you are advised otherwise by your treating/coordinating clinician/GP (because of your specific circumstances/medication etc (or you have reacted badly to one in the past perhaps), you should have a flue jab.

So for you, 2106, you need to ask your treating clinician (particularly noting your comment about reaction to medicine taken).

Hope this is clear.


I have had the Flu Jab for almost 20 years without any issues but from the information in your post you might be better to enquire with your Medical Clinicians?

tamirra in reply to Juliauk10

Definitely wouldn't this year

Juliauk10 in reply to tamirra

???? Sorry not sure of your reply???

2106 in reply to Juliauk10

I was told unless I have it won’t know if I’m going to react, this was by my doctor. I’m just worried whether it’s worth taking the risk.

Juliauk10 in reply to 2106

I guess you can only make that decision yourself

2106 in reply to Juliauk10

I know it’s just I have a Tibial Plateau fracture at the moment which I did beginning of May and I don’t feel I can take having a bad reaction to flu jab on top.

Witton in reply to Juliauk10

I’ve had the flu jab this year no problems at all for me , or any year before .

One year I had a bad reaction to the flu jab. the next year I forgot about it and had another one, same thing. I avoid them now. ymmv

Hi, I've had the flu jab for a few year's now, only had one reaction to it, and that's because they gave me the wrong type. I was unaware there was two type at the time. Just make sure you tell them you need to have the none live vaccine. When i was given the live vaccine that's when i had a reaction to it. They usually only give the none live vaccine to over 65 year's old and people with underlying health condition

2106 in reply to Dolores81

Many thanks for that xx

Hi, I think everyone reacts differently. I have had flu jab twice and had no problems at all. It’s a decision only you can make. Doesn’t help as you are unsure xx hopefully you decide the right thing for you and your body x

I think I just have to make a decision and go with it

When I was first diagnosed with Behcets and the disease was not under control with medication I reacted badly to the flu vaccine. It made me unwell with joint aches, temperature, headache and lethargy. Now that my Behcets is under control with immunosuppressants and occasional steroids I am okay with the flu vaccine with no effects other than a sore arm which is normal. I would always have the flu vaccine because having the flu is far worse than feeling unwell for a few days 😊.

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