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Alternative therapy

Anyone tried a chiropractor for help with BD symptoms (releasing stress from the body, joint pain relief, fatigue, etc)? If so, what was your experience - any success?

Or any other alternative therapies - acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, reiki?

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Hi GlastoGal

Yes I used to have weekly/fortnightly sessions with my chiropractor, I was having soft tissue massage, it was great made me feel much more fluid through soon the help it gave disappeared because it was short lived, did this for around 6 months and decided to stop as it was costing me quite a lot for a couple of days relief.

I also suffer from Ehlers Danlos (EDS) which also involves joints and a great number of issues with the varying types of the 13 different types of EDS. Fortunately for me the chiropractor was also a fellow EDS sufferer and was very helpful in supplying me with a few sheets of stretching exercises suitable for people who have EDS, these have helped me greatly get some relief from my stiff muscles and joints with over doing the stretching of the joints.


Thank you gillianTS

I’ve done no exercise whatsoever since the end of November as I am so fatigued and have joint pain. I know this in itself is causing me to feel more lethargic and I’ve lost all my stamina, I just feel weak. I’ve been off work during this time so gone from a full time working single mum to being off work and unable to keep up with basic housework without having to nap most of the afternoon. I think a high steroid dose kept me functioning but as it’s been reduced I’ve lost all the oomph it falsely gave me!!

I’d been recommended trying the chiropractor by a friend to release stress, increase energy and ease joints. As I’m now on statutory sick pay I wanted to research if it’s worth spending the little money if have on this!!

Maybe worth a shot, thank you!


If you want me to send you the simple but effective stretches/exercises private message me your email address.


Hi there. I see a chiropractor once a month to realign my hips. I have horrible arthritis pain in my hip joints. It helps! I also go to physical therapy. It's been great. Low impact movement and exercise that had a low impact on my fetiug, joints and headaches. I get an awful headache when I work out. My neurologist gives me acupuncture like injections that help relax the muscles affected by RA. This by far is the best alternative therapy I receive!!

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Hi Guna1003,

I also have horrible arthritis hip joint pains. Goes into my spine and lower back.

I mighy try the acupuncture injections. Currently on 4 Cortizone tablets a day, but I don’t want to stay on such a high dose for long term. The pain is much less now.



I have been having Japanese Reflexology is has worked so well for pain, stress and my energy levels have increased. Xx

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