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Can any one recommend pain relief for headaches, mine can last for days


I suffer with headaches that last for days, sometimes they are so bad I could cry or I get sick, I have yet to find effective pain relief can any one reccommend any?

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I suffer from migraine and it sounds like you may also be affected, considering the length of attacks and the sickness. I was referred to a migraine clinic by my doctor and they tried all sorts to prevent and also counteract the pain. I am now on triptans that I take as soon as symptoms occur, and a range of pain relief, starting with codeine building up to voltarol suppositories when the sickness and pain are both acute. The voltarol is 100mg, so very strong but it does work when all else fails and keeps me away from the doctor call outs and inevitable injections. I hope you get your pain properly managed. Wishing you lots of

Headaches are pretty common with Behects and Dr Kidd the neurologist for the Behects Society has written this factsheet which might help you and they can manifest like migraine

other than that you can read some other posts from the past that have been discussed by typing the word "behcets" followed by "headaches".

Hope this helps as I know they can be really debilitating.

CaffErgot (specially compounded for me) works very well for me for my frequent migraine headaches. Zofran works best for nausea.

All of the above.. and can I just add a couple of things.

1.Cocodamol (prescription strength codeine and paracetamol), buccastem for nausea is ok and then Imigran (a triptan) which you can now get OTC here if you were looking to step up from relief to actually going to the heart of the problem. Triptans are not to be taken lightly though so read up before you take them.

2. I find eating carbs prolongs the situation. No bread, potatoes, rice or pasta no matter how good it makes you feel on consuming it.

3. Lavender oil - pop it in a burner and breath in relaxing vibes as your drugs kick in.

4. Consider your head/neck/shoulder area....ditch your bra for a bra top when you get an attack - I personally seem to get stress build-up there and ditching my regular bra for a softer bra "top" type thing seems to help take the situation out of gear..

Good luck.

Nahhh then I would have sore knees ;)

xandii in reply to Cherryann

Ha ha ha ! Brilliant hun ! :)

Hi Erssie

There are many different reasons why you may be having the headaches and light sensitivity, as you may know aseptic meningitis is prevalent in BD and is only one possibility. With regard to my headaches and light sensitivity what works for me is Amitriptyline, speak to your GP or consultant.



drugs for migraines called triptans have helped my headaches.

The drug that has worked well for over the last 8 years is Pizotifen. Your GP will be the one who prescribes it. There is an article on the BSS website about Primary Headaches and Pizotifen gets a mention as a treatment. If Pizotifen fails to deal with a "breakthrough" headache then I also have Zolmitriptan but those are for emergencies only.

I hope this had been useful.

All the Best,


I had these awful migraines and other neuro type symptoms. I was treated with interferon for a long time and that got rid of it. Stopped interferon a year ago now and so far hasn't returned.

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