new trial therapy

hi all I'm starting a new trial therapy at the freeman hospital on Friday ive to have lots of tests to have to see what meds they are going to try me on I know I'm being a human guinea pig but I hope its worth it I have ulcers vritulaly all the time now and my arthritis is relay bad now not to mention my tiredness is any one else going on this trial I will let all on here how it goes hopefully it will help me and then maybe other sufferers of this horrible condition

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  • I would gladly take part in this kind of trial

  • Hope it helps. Everyone on this page knows what living with this condition is like. Good luck!

  • I was desperate I begged to be part of any trial ive had 2 hospital admissions this year already this condition is awfull my friends and family cant believe the state of me at times

  • hi there good luck on Friday and hope the trial is successful for you

  • What's the trial for? New drug or new use of existing drug?

  • its a new drug ive lost the literature but will find out on Friday I hope it porks or at least gives some releif

  • Good luck

  • Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress.

  • I will I hope it can help not just me but others as well

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