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Behcets syndrome and brown spots .

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I’ve recently been diagnosed with lupus & Raynaud’s and as with all these conditions I seem to add new symptoms weekly. But I’m now wondering & beginning to question wether I’ve got Behcets after finding a patients medical picture with identical brown spots to mine. Has anyone got any experience of these strange brown spots appearing on their legs ? I’ve posted a pic of the one on my ankle but I have over 20 and the older they are the darker they go.

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Hi. Sounds like you're having a bad time! I get all kinds of weird and wonderful skin lesions with Behcets but not (so far) spots like yours. However everyone's Behcet's seems slightly different so it's worth looking into. Hope you get sorted. X

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Thank you so much for your response. I will try to do some further homework myself on the spots. As with all these diseases and syndromes it seems we all have variations of the same condition. At least this site helps you appreciate your not the only one and unfortunately for us all far from alone. Wishing you the best with all your health challenges, stay strong. X

Its possibly related to mast cell activation syndrome. However, any dark brown spots that have suddenly started to appear are a visit to the docs. If you are in the UK it may be an urgent referral to dermatology, so photo as many as possible, dates when size number, do they stay etc. There are a several things it could be but needs checking outside of BD, we can still get other stuff as you are finding out the hard way :)

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Babs511 in reply to TheHud

Thank you so much for your advice and yes I’m in the U.K.

I had taken photos but hadn’t dated or noted the size, so will definitely do that.

I’m rather newly diagnosed and my symptoms seem to change weekly. It’s so hard to get used to something so unpredictable. I seem to start off with a few consistent & persistent symptoms and then something new appears. But I’m realising by the many lovely people on here I’m far from alone in experiencing that.

Sending you heartfelt wishes to take good care & stay strong .👍🏻

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