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I am not sure how to phrase this correctly, but I will try to explain. I am 46 and yet I still get problems with acne mainly on my back. It does spread to my upper arms and shoulders along with all the red blood spots. Some of those have got larger and they itch and then bleed. However the skin on my face is just awful right now. I have broken out in a cluster of blind spots on my neck and face. The outside of my mouth is bad aswel. this is where I am not quite sure how to describe them. On my top lip I have what looks like a big blind spot, feels like a small lump. Its on top of my lip and just inside the lip. On my bottom lip I have yet another one and this one is really painfull. Its so tender its hurting in the inside of my mouth and its burning and tingling. Every day I seem to be getting more and the ones around my mouth are just so painful. I want to stress these are not ulcers inside my mouth but spot like lumps on and just inside the lip. Does anyone else get this? Is it a bechets thing or not?



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Hi Pheobe, I am 48 years old and I have an ongoing problem of acne like lesions on my back and chest and sometimes on my sholders, scalp and my legs occasionally.

I use a steroid cream which helps but this symptom never goes away and sometimes I just feel that the treatment isn't worth the effort.

These acne like lesions itch and inevitably bleed and take ages to heel.

At night they show a red ring of inflammation and for a while I was advised to take photos to build up evidence but don't need to anymore.

Luckily my mouth is mostly OK, the colchicine has hit the mouth ulcers on the head but they were always the least of my worries.

Anyway, you are not alone.....




Hi Stephen

Thanks for your reply. Never had an outbreak like this before. I get mostly neurological problems so I wasn't sure on this one. My mouth is so sore yet as I say there are no ulcers. But this lump spot whatever its called half on my bottom lip and half inside really hurts. My gums at the front are very inflamed quite painful. I am wondering If I am starting to flare as the headaches are building up and I cant touch areas of my head or neck as its quite painful aswel. I take colchicine but not sure what its doing.

Anyway, I'm clearly not alone...




I am just recovering from this

I had an adverse reaction to the steroids (prednisolone) I have had to change all my medication to resolve this but it is taking a long time as the spots have taken 6 weeks to go


Hi Pheobe,

It's a Behcets thing allright. I'm 29 myself but my specialist sent me recently back to the dermatologist for treatment as he just said its a Behcets thing. Although they alreadly made up their minds to put me back on the medication I got when I was a teenager which like the Imuran im on has its risks, but I also used to use different types of witch hazel products as I found they helped the most, but it would still never fully control it for me. So it might be just worth seeking a doctors advice for treatment or even possible referral to a dermatologist. As there is all sorts of treatments for acne they can try these days and I know with acne there is always that risk of scarring.

Anyway take care,



My back sores were severe. Large red raised oozing itchy that I inevitably scratched & they left scars. I went off coffee as part of an elimination diet (Immuno prescribed). My back healed up completely & I have not had coffee since.

Too bad no reference was ever made to ?Behcet's & I had never heard of it then. Now I still do not have a diagnosis other than CFS & Mycoplasma. The Prof even thinks the Mycoplasma is controversial, but I do not. Let them argue!

Certainly as far as I'm concerned Behcet's has not been discounted & Lyme disease is still a possibility. My low grade feverishness, tender elbow tendons & knee bursitis have gone on Doxycycline/Nilstat ongoing treatment. Cervical spine is inflamed. Gut is improving.

Diet is now more fresh food & no sugar, no cereal, no pasta, no bread, no potato, no reactive foods.


Hi! These are not is BD lesions....most likely it is folliculitis. There are many many different skin manifestations in BD-pustulars, petechia, papulopustulars, folliculitis, bruises, etc and all are typical lesions. Unfortunately part of this disease. Your Rheumie and/or Dermatologist can help :) Good Luck!


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