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Too many Drs not enough answers


Good day hope flares are at a low for everyone. I'm now 30 years old female been coping without diagnoses since I was 7 started with fevers throat swelling(clear ulsars but not properly addressed) and numerous vaginal ulsars I have been tested 28 times for herpes my poor mother imagine I've just had a biopsy done on my skin bumps to see if linked my dermatologist has always thought behcets but wants a biopsy of my vaginal ulsars which healed before I could achieve an appointment I've treated flares with prednisone and bactroban cream cold clothes perianal bottles to urinate without much pain Epsom salt baths and tylonel for my outrageous 103 fevers I also have depression and anxiety as per recently I've had 2 currently researching anti nmda which my Drs say could explain why I've had symptoms so long I need to get answers my body is so sore I'm exhausted all the time and scared for my two children to come down with symptoms

Thank you for listening sending positive vibes

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Sorry to hear of your struggle. It's a long road to get a diagnosis. Hope you have the support you need. How are you doing since you posted?

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