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Does Behcet affect your life or holiday cover?

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Hello All

I'm new to here. I was verbally given a 'probably Behcet Syndrome' diagnosis some 30 years ago. The doctor at the time said little was known about the syndrome and getting a definite diagnosis was highly unlikely, so I've never declared it on any life or holiday insurance policies. Times have moved on though and I'm now suffering from lots of joint issues which reading some of the posts on here could definitly be to do with Behcets. So far I've suffered with both my shoulders, which were thought to be frozen shoulder, but weren't 'quite right' for the symptoms and almost at the point of surgery cleared up over the space of a week or two, which the consultant thought very strange. I've now got an issue with my hip. My thought is if I go to the doctors about the hip issue I could just go round and round in circles as I did with my shoulders, unless I question the link to Behcets - I've changed doctors and not had a really bad flare up for years, so unless they read right back through my notes they probably won't spot the probably diagnosis, but if I do that am I then going to have issues with my life insurance or getting travel insurance. I'm unsure what to do and wondered if anyone could offer some advice. Thanks

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Hi and welcome, to the site. I never took out holiday insurance as I only travel in Europe nowadays and I use my EHIC card. Last year I made some enquiries about private health Insurance. Now I am getting older I disclosed my BD, only one gave me a quote of something like €1800 and the others wouldn't even quote me. I also remember about 25 years ago one of the doctors I saw told me not to bother about diagnosis and disclosures as it would make my life more difficult.

If I was you and you are not travelling outside of Europe wouldn't bother trying to get private health care just use the EHIC card, plus it's not that far to travel if you get a bad flare , you can always come home. I've also found that if I travel further away....Cuba, Africa etc within a few days I go down with a flare, I think because of the vast climate change and different foods etc. That's why I now only do Spain, Portugal, France etc. because everything is so similar to the UK but a bit hotter.

Hope this helps


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Bear1970 in reply to billi

Thanks for replying Billi. I haven't been on holiday aboard anywhere for years, but....... looks like I'm going to India on business in a couple of months, it's only for a week though, so I'm thinking so long as the vaccinations don't give me a flare up I should be OK. It's just got me thinking though, whether it does effect insurance and whether to just keep quiet.

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Personally I wish I'd kept quiet. But it's what is best for you. If you go away on business far afield then maybe you should think about it. It all depends on the symptoms you get and the meds you need you could take with you as I always do.


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Bear1970 in reply to billi

Thanks Billi

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Just an observation - if it was ever written down that behcet was suspected somewhere in your medical notes then you had to claim this might invalidate your insurance. tricky one that. I have taken out insurance in past post offfice, direct line, marks and spencer, even saga now I'm over 50. What they sometimes do is take out a little extra insurance to insure your insurance.

However, if you have never had anything confirmed then you cant declare it - depends on what drs said to you in the past. Could say 'possible behcet's as a declaration. They usually want to know more about any waiting for treatments, waiting for tests,hospital stays.

maybe think back to how clear /written down the 'possible behcets was?


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Thank Sian

Hi. I've been become frustrated over the last few years with how much more insurance is costing me. I've never been hospitalised with my condition so now I ask that any health issue relating to my BD is excluded. This stops any excess being added. It is a difficult one tho.

Strange, my travel insurance isn't too bad, even though I disclose my Behçet's. Last year my insurance for 2 weeks in France was less than £30 - though I have never been hospitalised because of it and have no cardiovascular involvement, which are the 2 questions they always ask.

Of course, India is a different kettle of fish...

If you haven't presented any definite Behçet's signs for many years and are not on any medication for it, it would be well worth talking to an insurance broker about the need to disclose.

I get my travel insurance via

My teenage daughter has recently been diagnosed with 'probable Behcets' at one of the centres of excellence. I wondered the same thing regards insurance & like you say, is 'probable' considered to be a diagnosis. Does anyone have an more advice on this please? I'm not sure whether to declare it or not when i get our insurance...

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We always suggest that any diagnosis should be declared to your insurance company, so that you have peace of mind and valid cover when you need to make a claim. Shop around for the best prices. You specifically mention shoulder and hip pain, which rang a bell with PMR - which is another form of Vasculitis - have a look here:

Good luck and I hope you manage to travel somewhere lovely

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