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Bechets and Pregnancy- first 2 months

Good Morning Bechets Warriors :)

I am about 5 weeks pregnant! YAY! Prior to trying to get pregnant, I was taking colchocine 2-3x a day with minimal flares. I stopped taking a few months before trying and still only experienced a vaginal flare about 1x a month right before my period. The canker sores and nodules on my legs have really subsided too even without medicine. (and even now the nodules are gone and I only get a few canker sores every now and again) However right now I am having the worst flare "downstairs" that I can remember EVER having. I am just covered in ulcers. I am wondering if anyone else experienced a bad flare in the first trimester? I am hoping it is because my hormones are raging and am praying that it will get better as my body adjusts. There are so many success stories on here of going symptom free during pregnancy... I guess I was really just looking forward to once in my life not dealing with this. BLEH. FYI... I am really uncomfortable taking any medicine... especially during the first trimester. Has anyone found that taking collagen powder or turmeric pills were safe or effective with flares during pregnancy? I would occasionally take that pre-pregnancy and I've read its very helpful for autoimmune sufferers in general but I haven't used it since getting pregnant. Thanks friends:)


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my partner who has BD was almost clear of the illness when she was Pregnant with both our boys, she did cuts back on all her drugs but it did come back after.


Congrats!! Admire your positivity!!

I have heard that Turmeric is effective in reducing inflammation, so go for it. Have you tried Turmeric almond milk? It's really soothing. Wishing you all the best from Minnesota!


Congratulations Jenn, Yay indeed! Hope your basement flare clears up quickly. Not sure if you have seen the Factsheet on Behcet's and Pregnancy here:


Hi jenn how you keeping in the pregnancy hope your doing well and no flare ups x


HI! Well I wish I could say I got better right away but in fact for the last 18 weeks I’ve just had one constant flare with no relief. I have also chosen not to take any meds during the pregnancy so I’m sure the shock of hormones and no medicine hasn’t helped. However this last week I have finally started to feel better. My ulcers feel like they are healing some. Saying a prayer that now that my hormones are leveling off I will start feeling better consistently for the remainder of the pregnancy. Either way it is all worth it!! I can’t wait to meet my baby boy! Thanks for asking and wishing you all the best!!!❤️❤️❤️


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