Ulcers on eye and face

Ulcers on eye and face

Hi everyone ain't been on here for a while been ill and also having a battle with fibromyalgia which on top of BD is a killer on my body. Anyway I woke up yesterday with a ulcer up In my nose which is hurting me real bad also ulcer in the corner of my eye and one big ulcer on my face. I have been told by Prof in liverpool that he wants me to go up to 250mg azathioprine but this medicine seems like it ain't working. My big joints like hip back and neck are really bad and fingers ankles and knees are crippling pain. I have put pictures of my new ulcers I spoke about at the beginning. I hope everyone is holding up and keeping strong.

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  • That sounds horrible. I'm so sorry. Hopefully the meds work, they seem to have very promising results so maybe it's just a matter of time?

    Hoping you get in the road to recovery soon.

  • Strong to you..if I see this I'm so scared for what can happen to my son..your in my prayers

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