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Eye ulcers

Hello everyone I posted a picture yesterday of my ulcer in eye lid. The pain is around the eye now and the eye itself is extremely sore. My hips and neck is in alot of pain and my small joints in hand and feet feel like they are cemented to each other. I'm in a hell of a lot of pain but I will keep strong and get over it. Like all of us here we have to live with pain and sores.

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Hi Pete, sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. At least you seem positive which is very important when one is feeling down. We must all try to stay positive aswell. I've been suffering with Behcets for 32 years now and it was about 9 years before I heard the Behcets name and another 3 years to get a diagnosis. It is so much better now with more research, knowledge and better informed doctors leading to quicker diagnosis and faster treatments. A lot of this is thanks to the Behcets Society here in the U.K. They are responsible for this site, the Centres of. Excellence and pushing for research.

If your health and especially your eye worsens you really need to see your consultant.

Don't be brave be determined and get some help and assurance.

Good luck


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Thanks billi if we don't keep positive we will end up curling up in a ball and let the world wizz past us. I go to see prof in liverpool center of excellence which is extremely wounderful. I have a appointment with my consultant tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed I might get some help or advice on this painful eyelid ulcer.


Fingers crossed🤞🏻🤞🏻


Good luck Pete11. We reiterate what billi said and always seek medical advice especially if you experience worsening eye symptoms in order to try to avoid any long term effects. Hope your appointment in Liverpool goes well today. Warm wishes.


Hello everyone I went to see consultant on Wednesday which was very helpful I have been put 250mg azathioprine 25mg of prednisolone and went to eye a&e and they gave me steriod drops. My eye is still very sore but fingers crossed steriods will start to work soon.


Obviously you should follow the doctor but when I went to A&E in London Moortfields hospital a couple of years ago with a similar situation they gave me 80mg of predisolone and also considered give me an injection in the eye. 25 mg seems the bare minimum here considering that damages to the eyes can be irreversible. Your first priority should be to stop the inflamation of the eye ASAP. By the look of your case I'd also recommend to talk to your doctor about Humira or infliximab and keep a good stock of predisolone tablest for the short time/ one off flare ups since you have found the right medication for you.

Hope this helps and that you'll feel better soon!


Stop all dairy products for a few days also all tea and any foods with's worth a try.


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