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Treatment at last

Saw my rheumatologist today I'm noe going into hospital prob tomorrow Waite for a bed then getting transferred to a hospital in Liverpool have to be closet monitored have had bad reactions to some of the meds I've been on in the past but looking forward to maybe having a more settle time off my feet at the moment can't walk more than a few metres or move my hands ect without being in a lot of pain I was astounded at the cost of my medication that I'm being put on its rediculos but hopefully it will work if not I don't know what will happen I'm now into my 5th flare up already this year I only get a week to ten days between attacks doc was horrified at the state of me when she seen me to day to

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All the best Bob, let us know how you get on. What medication will you be getting?



Will do just waiting now for a phone call to day there's a bed ready


Oh Bob I hope being in hospital helps end this run of flares. I am sorry you have go through this, but glad you finally get treatment.

Keep us posted!


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Good luck and hope all goes well.


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