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Treatment for BD Ulcers around nails?


I seem to be copping the lot this past couple of weeks. In the past I've had large and small ulcers around fingernails. Last night a very large one came around my toenail. I'm fairly certain it is BD and not just an infection. Has anyone else had these and any tips for treatment? I'm currently soaking my foot in warm water with salt, baking soda and a touch of tea tree (Hi Andrea). Any more ideas?


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Can't say I have had this lesley...sounds nasty.

Is the circulation in your arms and feet o.k as it could be a sign of vasculitis, which is connected to behcets [as you know already]. Either burning hot or freezing cold and numbness.

You probably have already thought of that but I just wanted to remind you in case.

Good luck with the soaking


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Hi Andrea

They are really painful as anything to do with the fingernails is. Once before the ulcer came up under the nail (ouch!!!). This one is really big on the edge of my big toe. If I'm lucky that is were it will stay but I have a feeling I might lose a nail!


PS Just got back from my new GP and he loaded me up with Endone so I am quite happy!

Hi all, can i interupt and ask a question regarding Sinitta, you mention circulation, my daughters legs turn blue more so if she has been standing on them for a while, we have told the clinics and specialists but we have never had an answer, they just change the subject, any ideas?XX

Hi Tamirra

My legs don't turn blue but I can't stand for long at all. The other thing is they are usually 'freezing' deep down inside, although the skin is warm to touch.

I've worked out a system for getting off to sleep with various things to warm the legs (wheatie bags) and long cotton socks and then as the night goes on I change to warmer socks - sounds bizarre and I hope there isn't a fire and I have to run out in my weird attire - but it works.

In relation to wheatie bags they are very cheap to make if you can sew - also you can make them the right shape to go around the feet, calves etc- wherever you need them. You heat them in the microwave. Hope that makes sense - I can explain more.

The other thing is look up orthostatic tremor. Not saying that is your daughter's problem but a neurologist told me about it and said I could have a touch of it.

I've been a frustrated hypochondriac for years and I'm really enjoying the attention that I'm finally getting - only joking (partly).

Hope that helps.


Meant to say I change to shorter or longer socks as the night goes on - you should see the floor around my bed in the morning!


It happens to me too, Tamirra. My legs seem to be bi-coloured too - reddish discolouration at the ankle and just above and then normal above that. Apparently, this is called the gaitor area. It's the discoloured bit wot turns blue. My docs said it's a typical sign of venous disease, which is what BD is, of course, as well as auto-immune diseases like Lupus Do your daughter's legs look like the pic here?

There are lots of reasons for this type of thing but you've already consulted your medical team. I would just make sure to mention it each time and perhaps take a pic to go on file?

Hi lesley and Tamirra

My legs and feet go blue interchanging with deep red. Either freezing cold or burning hot, with excrutiating pain deep within.

In my words, when it is at it's worse I could probably be convinced to have my legs or feet cut off.

My podiatrist calls this neuropathic pain, but as she said it is identical to neuropathic pain that you get with circulation problems and also with diabetis.

I have had the same result as you [Tamirra] from doctors when I tell them [i.e drawing a blanked expression].

But I saw my podiatrist yesterday and she is going to write to my G.P to recommened something to help as she feels my problem is coming from the base of the spine creating weakness and altered sensation as well . When mine occurs [which is frequently] I lose my balance evn more and cannot bear to stand, sit or lie in bed...a real dilema to deal with.

So she agreed to do a full report about last someone is listening.


Hi all and thank you for your ieads what the blue inge legs could be, Lesley, Sinitta`s leg dont really look like the picture, it`s her lower legs and feet that turn a tinge of blue, not patchy like the picture, on one occasion when her legs were so swollen and hard she could with the tip of her finger lightly write her name on her leg and yopu could watch her name appear, it was so gently done not hard at all, another strange thing. x

Follow up, apologies for the spelling, my nails are too long as keep missing or adding extra letters. x

I LOVE, love, love epsom salt feet soaks for this (of course ask your GP or foot doc for the OK). For whatever reason the salt bath feels like heaven.

Hi supernova...I love epsom salts as well with a couple of drops of lavender and geranium. The geranium is good for circulation and feeling down. The lavender is very relaxing.

Talking of baths my mum has come into some money and has offered to pay for me to have a jacuzzi spa bath put in......can't wait because my bath I have is so small it is more like a hip bath, which kindoff doesn't have the same affect.

Just not too long though as you end up like a prune ;)


Andrea can i ask where would i get the geranium and lavender oil from and is it in one bottle or will i be looking for 2 different ones, and the salts that would be a supermarket would it? Think will get Sinitta some, just waiting for an appointment for out of hours doctor she not good at all today, prob be admitted yet again. Thanks. x

Hi tamirra.. I get my epsom salt, geranium and lavender online for ebay. I buy it seperately, levender in one bottle and geranium in another.

I think you maybe able to get it in the form of DEAD SEA SALT and the geranium and lavender oils from a health food shop such as holland and barratt. Then if you find it helps, can look online [such as ebay] for cheaper/larger amounts.

If you have any problems sourcing them, you can send me a private message as I am not sure if the forum allows me to publicise too many companies etc.

I find it really helps the circulation and to relax me and deal with anxiety etc

Hope this helps


Thanks Andrea, will look tomorrow. x

Hi, everyone - will answer this quickly as I am having a 'window of opportunity' to do some work (unfortunatly I didn't meet tall dark and handsome to keep me in luxury for the rest of my life).

Sarah-Lou I am pretty sure we are boith talking about the same thing I thought of the word whitlow as well. One of the specialists called the ones on my hands paronychia. I looked it up and I think it means any inflammation or infection around the nails.

Went to the GP and he agreed with me it wasn't an infection and we got the registrar on speaker phone (twice in one week now).

That photo of the blue legs looked terrible I definitely haven't got that. My legs and calves get very swollen - especially if I've had a busy day or been standing too much.

I have soaked my legs in epsom salts in the past - good idea to start again. I'm envious Andrea - I do have a bath but it is very small so I can't really 'soak'.

To everyone once again - thanks.

By the way - the toe is 75% better! Soaking, predinisone etc


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Sea Salt is the best for infections and epsom salt relax muscles and draws out infection and inflammation

Be careful not to soak too long as it can sap your energy


Hi Sarah-Lou I've received a few good simple tips off this group and thought 'why didn't I think of that!" As one person said to me we have so much to think about. Because I'm having such a bad flare a the moment it's hard to think of which part of the body to treat!


hmm my legs go a prurplish blue similar to the pattern in that picture but not as obvious if u get me, i have it every time i get out the bath or shower, and when im too cold or too hot.

as for oils, holland and barret are ok but they are not absolutes. (im a qual aromatherapist) the best place were i go for my oils is online its called Amphora Aromatics, all their oils are absolutes- so completely pure. I recommend them to all. my mum has an ebay and fb shop selling their products also (Pegasus Pathways) but tbh if u live outside the uk its prob cheaper to shop direct with them.

i need to look into the oils more tbh, esp when treating my arthritis. iv booked myself in with a friend for a full body massage at a spa she works in on thurs this week, (have my mri weds eve) so will be a welcome distraction lol. im going to see if she will put some black pepper in as its a natural anti spasmodic oil and relaxant, there are also ones that have tonic qualities etc, i think im gonna have a play... il write a post about my findings lol xx

Hi, on my finger I have problems with the skin. It gets really sore and sort of blisters in several places and leaves red raw different layers of skin (if that makes any sense?), it normally starts with little bumps, I tried squeezing to see if pus would come out but it wouldn't. As well as the lumps I was under a bright light yesterday and noticed what looks like tiny pin holes which will also start to peel and blister. It's really sore and the nail grows funny, it's been better lately but it started growing with lines and pits in it and it would flake and tare off in layers (normally vertically). I have similiar on my toe but that grows flaking white skin over the top of the red sore parts. I've been wondering if this could be a BD thing or totally unrelated. Can I ask what yours are like please?

Hi Vikki

I've got a really bad bout at the moment but they sound different than yours. They come up from very deep - very painful as they come up - little bits of granuloma and pus (very reddish). Usually the nail isn't too bad but this time it is starting to flake off.

My computer is in for repairs at the moment but when I can I'll put up a photo,



I have had about 2 bouts which may have been ulcers under the nails, initially I thought this may have been caused by splinters under my nails but after reading these threads belive it is this.

It's 1 thing after the other, just when you think it can't get any worse. Sorry guys just feeling sorry for myself at the moment, had a really bad bad bad flare up !!!!

Abby : - (

Hi Abby

What is it about this time of year? All of us seem to be having flares! I'm not doing anything particularly stressful and have just come out of my worst flare yet.

Look after yourself


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