Fat necrosis

Hi all

I've been back in hospital this week as the BD started to go to a wound on my foot. Apparently I was sicker than I realised and have just finished three days of methyl prednisolone.

Back to the title. I had two small lumps taken out two weeks ago and they have turned out to be necrosing fat. I've been having trouble around the nail bed of my big toe for quite a few months and had only just decided that the material looked very similar to something I had on the inside of my leg about five years ago (not pretty).

Hope this is all making sense. Has anyone else had necrosing fat (for no apparent reason at all?)

regards Lesley

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  • That's a new one for me.....how does it appear when it becomes noticeable?

    Your big toe.....what about its appearance that is making you suspicious? I will look it up on my end also. I remember several years ago in th '90's I had a burning sensation on my right hand that started to travel up my arm. Turn out they were afraid of the flesh eating disease. There was some redness streaking up wards. I was put on heavy doses of cloxacillin and thankfully that put an end to it!

    Scary stuff!

    I hope you are back in top form soon!

    Take care Lesley!!


  • Hi Gen

    The lump I had removed a couple of weeks ago was just where a strap would go on the top of my foot. I'd been having trouble for ages with pain, numbness etc and as soon as I felt this lump I could feel where it was coming from. Under the surface of the skin it felt like a couple of peas. Apparently it had been growing and that was why I could now feel it.

    I'll see if I can post a picture of my toe, but for some unknown reason my BD attacks the nail bed. It starts off in the quick and tends to go under the nail. Why I said it looks similar to other lesions is the fact that the debris comes out in sacs. I have to go to another specialist this week to see what the next step is.

    Cheers Lesley

  • Omg......people must think we are alien when they see stuff like that! Poor thing:(

    Thanks for posting that pic! I accidentally showed it to my hubby while we were at the Chinese buffet for lunch 😨....I sometimes quickly forget that others don't have the stomach of a nurse! When nurses eat together-we can talk about vomit and c-diff and no one bats an eye! Lol...

    Better luck soon for u I hope:)


  • Oh that is really funny! I hope he didn't throw up! I've always been able to talk about gory, yuck stuff without batting an eyelid.

    Glad,he can't see it now.


  • Hi Gen

    Not sure if I am replying to the right post or not. With the nails on both my fingers and toes it starts with the quick pushing up. Then from underneath as it progresses I get little (painful) abscesses. What eventually comes out are bits of granuloma and small blood vessels. They can get pussy and that is really PAINFUL!

    Sorry for the gory description. Sounds like a horror story you would tell your kids to stop them biting their nails?


  • Oh wow! No worries....nothing grosses me out but phlegm! Being a nurse , i can talk of gross things and eat at same time:) oh....if people only knew what lurked under their nails!

    Sounds painful! I hope you heal up quick....if i ever have sores , they take forever to heal:/

    Take care Lesley,


  • My daughter had very painful itchy, burning, red blotches ('plaques' according to the dermatologist') all over the outside of her left thigh and a couple of others on her other leg and buttox. A biopsy showed fat necrosis. Luckily it responded well to dermovate cream and started to fade after a couple weeks.

  • Hi Mazza

    That sounds very similar to what I have had in the past - it travelled inwards and I had to wear bike shorts to hold the bandages in. Thank goodness it cleared up quickly for your daughter.


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