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Severe tummy pains - is this normal

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site. I have read a few posts and you all sound like a lovely helpful bunch of people so i'd like to give you a little background on me.

I've not had a confirmed diagnosis yet, was told by my specialist on my last visit 2 weeks ago that its looking 'more likely' that i do have BD. All the other similar diseases have now been ruled out. I've been attending the Liverpool centre of excellence for about 9 months.

I have suffered chronic mouth ulcers for about 20 years, genital ulcers for last 5 years, nasty daily migraines for over 12 months, but got referred to Liverpool when i started with arthritis, also just started getting acne mainly on chest and shoulders, (I'm 40) never even had a spot as a teenager. To add to this list i have a stomach ulcer.

The question I have is that for the last few days i have been suffering from terrible stomach pains and diahorrea. My whole tummy area is very tender to touch and when i eat it really cramps up. I was wondering if this was possibly another symptom of Behcets?. You can imagine i'm pretty down and drained at the moment :(

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Welcome Breaksy, my daughter had the same tummy pains and they ran an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, the ehdoscopy showed she has a sliding hiatus hernia and the colonoscopy showed she had had ulcers in her bowel, she had been bleeding from her rectum also, all due to the illness she just has to watch what she eats, its all symptoms due to the illness, well in her situation is it, not for one minute saying yours is the same. Good luck though. x


Whoops sorry about mistakes, should proof read before clicking send :( x


Hi Tamirra, I am seeing my gynae on tues. I had a colonoscopy investigation a few years ago during an op for a deep ulcer and was told my bowel was a little inflammed then, but that was before i was being investigated for BD. I will raise it with him again next week.

Thanks for your reply x


Hi sorry you are bit down just now and hope the replies you get back might give help and some cheer. I have suffered with tummy probs all my life with no diagnosis. After being diagnosed with BD I underwent many tests to no avail and have been told it is probably IBS. Who knows!!!! Still I am lucky that it is not permanent and only comes in spasms from time to time. I agree totally with checking diet and found that cutting out anything with yeast some 3 years ago has been a great help. Although yeast is found in most processed foods there are many alternatives and the better you feel, the easier it is to do without.


Billi x


Hi Billi, yes diet is definitely something I could look into.

I appreciate you taking the time to try and help.

Many thanks x


Hi Breaksy Hun, If it's BD or still have tummy pains and likely ulcers so treatment is likely to be the same. I have terrible tummy pains about twice a month on average. I have been diagnosed over 10 years and had the ulcer pains for years before this until I found out what they were. I have had all the tests and the common conclusion from the meds is that it is ulcers in the digestive tract due to BD. When you have the tests, the ulcers are often too small to show on camera but it doesn't mean they are not there. You're right in saying you need to look at your diet but be careful to read the leaflets in the tablets and other medications you get prescribed for BD as some of them react with the very things like bisodol that people tend to take for tummy problems. All I can suggest is to read up on IBS and think along these lines. Obviously if you get bleeding of any type get it checked out straight away but I find I have to generally live with the pains and take it a bit easy on myself when they come on. Hope you find something that helps Hun ! Good luck and let us know how you get on. Big hugs xx


It can be BD....but also ulcers in the stomach could be as a result of certain meds for arthritis. I would most definitely get the current phase checked out as ulcers can be tricky and your arthritis meds may need looking at.

Other causes of stomach pain and bloating can be hyper-acidity, hypo-acidity, food intolerance, coeliac disease, pancreatitis, IBS, Crohns, Colitis or IBD,.....a whole list of things really. IBS is the name given to a particular set of symptoms in the absence of any other diagnosis.

I get really bad stomach pain and I also get chronic pancreatitis.

There are some endoscopes, that cannot get into the small intestine and the endoscopes are not that good at getting around all corners of the intestines, so there can be places in duodenum, illeum small bowel where you can get ulcers. Any of those can cause stomach type pain after eating.

You can also find that plain wind, due to some foods, can give you similar pain. I have had terrible pain before from obstructive bowel due to a psuedo obstruction, which is where it just stopped working for no known blockage, but the food got backed up over a couple of months and nothing would move...that meant anything I ate piled into the stomach, would not move on, so the stomach cramped awfully and caused me to vomit at one end and have diarrhoea at the other, but quite explosively....

What helps me in bad patches is to prioritise what goes in to my gut.

The most important thing is to be able to get adequate fluids in, so if drinking even half a glass of water brings on cramps you must constantly sip throughout the day and not stop drinking because of the pain, otherwise you will end up on IV fluids.

2nd priority is if a large solid meal is causing cramps, try to liquidise it a little or split it up into several smaller meals spread out.

Try to find out which foods bring this on, which help it, and keep a food diary to see if certain things make it worse.

If you find you cannot eat what you need to stay healthy, you might need to see a doc or dietician to get supplements or at worst meal replacements.

You can help it all move along as well with a fibre drink or medication by a doc.

It is quite normal for the majority of gastro type things to remain undiagnosed, so for those with certain symptoms present but no other diagnoses, docs prefer to label that as IBS....this is pain, wind, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea and can be stress, food or other factors that bring it on in an individual but not usually the exact same cause for every patient.


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