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Steroid injections and gabapentin for pain

I am curious about steroid injections I have never been given the option from my rheumatologist, I am currently on oral prednisone, is that the same ? I have had to go to the hospital when I have bad flares and I was given through a iv which I think was a steroid, and it helped tremendously! Currently I am on a low does of prednisone, anzathioprine, colcrys and pain killers , and now the doc has started me on gabapenten for pain and to help with sleep. So my question for my fellow BD friends is, exactly what is steroid injections and is anyone on gabapentin ?

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Hi and yes and yes. I take Gabapentin, Cocodamol and trigger point and steroid injections for the pain of my skeletal problems due to spondylitis of the spine. I started on this regime about 6 years ago, initially on the highest doses of Gabapentin and Tramadol (which I refuse to take ever again,...another story) and now highest dose of CoCodamol and in the last 3 years steroid injections. I am now on lowest doses of both oral meds and get injections about every 15 months up to 15 at a time. They have given me my life back in that I have much more movement and less pain therefor can do more. Obviously non of these are a cure and my spine is still degenerating but at least I enjoy life more!!!!

I was on steroids orally at the onset of BD for about 4/5 years at very high doses and could never get down to a reasonable dose without symptoms returning. Eventually after 12 years I got a diagnosis, a good consultant and Colchicine meds which I stayed on for 6 years and although all meds have side effects for me they were better than the disease or pain I suffer.

Hope this helps and things go well. You wo t know u til you try.




Ask rheumatologist to try remicade infusions. I had similar issues and that solved most issues.


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