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SI Joint Pain/Buttocks Pain


Hi all. I had an SI steroid injection about 2.5 months ago and it helped a GREAT deal. It's already worn off though!!! Does anyone else experience deep SI Joint pain/buttocks pain that then goes into the hip and down the leg? Any recommendations? How often have you had injections if that's how you have managed? Thanks!

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I have had at least 10 lumbar epidural & transforaminal injections. Once I began remicade infusions nearly all arthritis pain wad relieved. I had infusions every 4-6 weeks at the highest dosage 10mg/kg. Prior to its start you need t.v. test to make sure it's negative. Problem is you can get false positive as skin pathergy test is similar for BD response. Best to get a 2 view chest x-ray to clear you prior to beginning Remicade. First 3 infusion then second two weeks later then third 2 months. Then maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks. Hope your rheum considers this drug and you begin to feel better.

Thanks for this info. I am on a bunch of meds now that have helped some of my joint issues (and other sxs) to some degree. But what is very weird is that it has not touched the SI at all and it is like it's on beast. And then I continue to flare despite the's like constant waves. But nothing like the constant brutal agony of where I began 1.5 years ago!!! I do wonder and have wondered what infusions would do and why they have not been considered in my situation. Thanks for bringing this on my radar (again)!

Happy to share things that have worked for me. I wad diagnosed by Dr Hasan Yazici in 2002. I see his son Dr Yusuf Yazici every 6 months. My local rheumatologist and ophthalmologist have gone above and beyond to help me to feel well. I hope you can find Drs in UK that are just as knowledgeable & confident in your tx

Thanks so much. I'm actually in the us ;)

Hi neighbor! I live in Philadelphia. Hope you have access to great medical facilities too. Be well. Julie

Oh you do have a lot of resources!!! I'm on the West Coast ;) Take good care!

I am in the US as well Just started Colchicine been on preidone for years for both skin and joints I currently take Xolair which is for Asthma but it helps with Hives and Dermatitis I have tried Duxpident and it did not work at all

Yeh. Glad to be off the pred. But it def helped with this hip pain. But don't want to go back on it.

My mother has bad low back pain (blown discs)due to a terrible car accident. I am unable to try this as I am anaphylactic to shellfish & possible turmeric. My mom has never felt better and knows when she misses a day of it. My functional Medicine Doctor says all the ingredients are great for inflammation. She also suggests fish oil (Nordic Naturals is her preference)

I wish I could tell you my experience but as if I could try it I would but my brother and mom take it and feel amazing.

Here’s the link to Amazon:

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM by H.F.T. Supplements | Gluten Free Non GMO Vitamin D Frankincense Turmeric Curcumin Supports Flexibility & Mobility Hybrid Bone and Joint Supplement, 90 Capsules

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Thank you!!

The internet shouldn't be your place of medical prescription. This question should be directed to your Doctors that deemed you fit to receive the injections in the first place.

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Not sure what your issue is Umeti. This entire site is about asking for support and help. I wasn't asking for medical support per se but experience with SI and joint pain. You seem to be trolling and should just bug off.

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My question was a very basic question of whether others experience SI and joint pain and what they do about it. I was not going against medical advise. Obviously I said and agreed with my doctor that the injection worked great. So not sure why you felt the need to be snarky unnecessarily. If you look at all the postings on this site they are in a similar vein.

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Maybe that was more directed at me 🙄🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ But...your comeback 👏🏻 Good!!

Hi, I got to the point where I was barely able to walk and weight bear - hydrotherapy was fantastic, I would absolutely highly recommend this and general physio to help with the muscle strength. Hope that helps, best wishes

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