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What the heck is my vagina doing? Details inside

I honestly didn't know where to post this, and the internet turned up no answers...

Positive - a play about being HIV+ in London

Hello everyone, I hope this isn't a bad place to put this, but I thought it migh...

NutriBerry Slim Recensie - Is Dit Gewichtsverlies Dieet Effectief?

1. NutriBerry Slim – Shed Pounds without Dieting! Is losing weight is top on yo...
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Hi , I took the morning after pill on the 17th and my period usually comes five days before the month ends please help confused !?!

Im really worry i had unprotected sex with a girl i had Some red dots in my penis head they are gone but im worry that she may have HIV

N that im infected with the virus. Its been already two weeks n i dont show no H...

Was giving single dose antibiotic, but test where back negative. But sytptoms are still there slightly

I went to the GUM clinic and got tested based on the symptoms. I got the results...

went to a centre for HIV n STIs. HIV was done but STIs was not done coz there was no discharge. my private parts have turned pinkish.

hello! I'm in obsession for having safe and super sex with a lady I aspire..... please help me

Doubtfull abt hiv status.

Well I had unprotected sex with a random female. Did my tests after a week, cam...

Can any one help me to know what is on my penis please the sex clinc say thay dont know and it not a std

I have had then fozen .cream still not gone i did have one like the big one in ...

My Husband tells me he's bisexual

my husband (who I believed was magonamous and hetrosexual) has got involved with...

First boyfriend, oral sex received, curiosity, need mind set at ease

I've recently got together with my first real boyfriend and I have recently rece...

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