What the heck is my vagina doing? Details inside

I honestly didn't know where to post this, and the internet turned up no here's my best try.

Sorry this might sound crude?

I'm about halfway through my cycle, about even time between my last period and my next. I was having a coughing fit due to allergies and realized that I felt sticky, so I went to the bathroom and found blood and a huge clot (?) of tissue or discharge or something. The middle of it was very dark red and the rest was kind of bloody. It was roundish and sticky, I've never seen anything like it before. I didn't notice anything off before this happened.

I immediately assumed miscarriage or something but I haven't even had sex since my last period... so how could that be possible.

I kind of completely freaked out. So what the heck is happening?

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dont worry hun, you will be fine


want me too come and have a look for you


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