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Is it possible for an adult to pass the genital warts virus to 16 week old baby by kissing the baby on the mouth.

Thick yellow sperm is it a infection?

Hi recently whenever ive ejaculated ive noticed that my sperm is a yellowish co...

Is there anything you can do about a cut/tear in the frenulum? We tried to let it heal for 3 weeks but no change.

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I have had 1 sexual partner for nearly 9 years. I have had no symptoms of chlamydia. I have a 4 year old with my current partner and she was

clear of chlamydia pre natal. She was also clear in 2010. I believe that she has...

After sex, my penis is swelling two to four days before its cool down. I don't understand. Yes, I had an unprotected sex. Anyone can help?

Bad Smell from penis during sex

This is a really embarrassing problem but I need to find out why its happening a...

Please help. long term problem

About three years ago I had a sexual contact. I got a mild fever for two nights ...

I've got red bumps in my pubic line, previously had genital warts a few years ago just worried its that back any ideas

help i enjoy sex i orgasm but i av never cum or got wet, i hate it

How long should I wait to see someone about STI testing after unprotected sex? It's been one day and I think I have minor symptoms.

I attracted physically for having safe sex with a young lady....

hello mam, most of the time i attracts physically to the lady i meet.just becaus...

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