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Despite everything, can I regard myself as conclusively HIV-negative after several NHS tests since high-risk unsafe sex in early June 2013?

Hi, I got drunk at a party in continental Europe in early June 2013 and had unsa...

Do I need a full STI test? Doctor said I don't...

I'm a man I went to a clinic a few years ago and had a blood test, penis swab a...

I've been sleeping with this guy but he's to big to fit in and we struggle to get him in is this normal he also says I'm too tight?

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s.t.i. question. How many people were infected by a sti in the last yr. in the u.k.? Please could i have the source too please. thanks

We are both 45 I find that he turns me down regularly he has erectile dysfunction I often feel rejected but worry about his feelings. Help

He is prescribed medication to help but only have intercourse 1 month. We been t...

Me nor my girlfriend have any STI's. my question is, if we have unprotected sex is there any chance of developing one?

Basically, according to most things I have read, you need to be a carrier of an ...

Hi I am 69 I do get an erection but when I ejaculate it is very little is there any thing I can get to improve the amount I ejaculate thank

I'm always feeling tired, hair loss, weight loss, tested STI result negetive. Blood test shows iron level low. Pls advise what it could be.

I had multiple sexual partners in the past

Wish to stop Cerezette pill, taken it everyday without fail, had intercourse y'day morning, can I stop today and will I protected for y'day?

Do you have to carry on taking the pill after sex for it to protect you for sex ...

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