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Ovary Pain

My GF is having a problem that started a week or two ago. We do not have anal se...

odd stomach movements and period pains

Sorry for the TMI. But i have had periods since having my daughter for 9 months...

14 year old with Red Itchy Skin and Rash in my Bikini Line. Please help me.

Hi, About 2 weeks ago I developed red itchy skin around my vagina. I am 14 years...
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I think I have undiagnosed herpes. I think I got it from a bad sexual experience...

Scared my boyfriend doesn't want to be with me anymore

Hi I've just been diagnosed with herpes and last night I told, my boyfriend abou...

Herpes or just overreacting?

Hey Im really scared thinking I may have gotten herpes. I had a brief sexual e...

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