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Penis rash?

Hi, I was treated for balantis 2 times (been to see my GP twice and he said it ...

Sexual enhancements ?

I don't know if I should talk to my doctor but I'm quite a sexual person and lat...

Penis rash ?

Alongside a rash on my inner thigh, this materialised. Originally they were comp...
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what the hell are there red spots on my penis?

help please is this and sti std? its not itchy or painful and had for about a we...

what the hell are the red spots on my penis?

what the hell is on my penis? is it an sti/std?  its not itchy or painful just l...

Lump on my pens

Woundering what these lumps are and how they can be treated 

molluscum contagiosum

i have had molluscum contagiosum for a while now and it hasn't cleared up, just ...

Help me please I'm scared

I have these red things on my penis. it's itchy when I touch it sometimes but ot...

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