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I have a swollen vain about mid-point of my penis. Is this penile thrombosis? If it is can it just be left or do I need to go to a clinic?

Continual headache, fatigue, dizziness and loss of appetite may be symptoms for what?

Am confused about this condiion of mine, I've taken pain relievals but it proove...

Having soft erections,how can this be sorted out.

loss of sex life.
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I have got a small swelling just beneath the skin between my penis and anus. what could it be.

Hi, I am a bit concerned about the foul smell coming from between the legs next to my penis.

GUM Clinic/Sexual Testing. Do I have to be tested for everything?

I have recently gotten into a new relationship at university. I have been checke...

Need help over possible STD's and STI's??

Last Friday night I stupidly had a sexual encounter with another girl, who has s...

i am suffering from very serious issue that is virginal bleeding after clitoral stimulation.

i am 26yrs old female, doing clitoral simulation since last 3 year but now from ...

How does CIN1 affect men?

Please help, im really worried :(

8months ago i started getting pains, found chlymidia but got treated and cleared...

could I get hiv from swallowing liquid speed?? from a baggy which had been air exposed?? no needle used

so scared

should i be worried and go to the doctors?

I had to get the morning after pill last week due to the condom splitting. A few...

Help?, whats up with me?

Hello, Umm lately ive been feeling really ill.. i wake up feeling like im going ...

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