First boyfriend, oral sex received, curiosity, need mind set at ease

I've recently got together with my first real boyfriend and I have recently received oral sex from him. I'm a young woman and I've noticed a slight change in the appearance of the skin around my vagina. It seems to be surrounded by small non-coloured bumps which are not causing any pain or itching. There are no burning sensations when I urinate and there isn't any bad smell or excessive vaginal discharge that I can tell. My periods are fine and not any more painful than normal. It could just be razor rash but I just want a little clarity. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you very much.

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hello, i think you should get a doctor, you could die of this ive had this its nasty go get it checked now!


Please ignore this response, you really haven't given enough information about your situation for anyone to conclude that you're going to die.

Go to an STI clinic to be on the safe side. But you probably won't die...


It may cause because of hard razor apply soframycin skin cream after getting cure u can enjoy oral sex again.


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