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I have a curve in my penis, instead of being straight it curves to the left by about 40 degrees... I am 17 years old and I'm fed up with

being a virgin, just because I don't know how to \"work with it\"... It's causin...

Why do the symptoms of Chlamydia occur? Why is this our body's response to infection?

Chlamydia Symptoms

How do you know the difference between Chlamydia and Gonorhea?

I know that the treatment for both is the same but how do doctors know the diffe...
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i had the coil fitted about 4 months ago, but in the last few weeks i have been bleeding nearly every time i have intercourse, any ideas??

Hello, I was sexually and physically assulted 4 yrs ago & was then diagnosed with genital herpes. I developed a horrible case of PTSD..

as a result of the attack, but I have never had another herpes outbreak...Is thi...

Hard to keep erection. help me because it is getting in my head

Hi there, I have recently started dating a nice girl after long time being singl...

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