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My boyfriend and I had sex... and the condom broke. Im worried about pregnancy. What are the changes?

We are both 17 and in our last year of school. Today we had sex but the condom b...

Should I visit the GP or treat with antibiotics that I already have ?

2 days after the first time of unprotected sex with my fiance I experienced a bu...

Could it be chlamydia?

I caught chlamydia about a year and a half ago after having symptoms (pain when ...
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I had my period a week ago that ended on Thursday. Then, Saturday my period comes on again and is still on. Should I be worried about this?

If that's not strange, I stopped taking the DEPO shot in May 2013. Then in Septe...

I have HPV virus

Hi i have hpv virus. I'm not sure but i read a lot and symptoms it's the same. S...

My boyfriend has randomly begun to have wet dreams? Why could that be ??? Weve been together 6 years and has never happened before :-(

He is embarrassed and doesn't know why himself...should we or I be worried???

Is it concerning to have noticeably different sized breasts at 18?

I am 18 years old and my left breast seems at least a whole cup size larger than...

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